Complete Skin Confidence in Your 30s

Everything comes together in your thirties. You know what clothes work for your shape, you’ve found the ideal make-up range, and you’re sure about which haircut you’ll never try again. Only one thing starts slipping. A youthful glow may have carried you through your teens and twenties, but now it’s harder to achieve and maintain that effortless look. Fortunately, having the best skin in your thirties can be straightforward with the right guidance and assistance. So make your thirties your skin’s best decade. Read on to find out more…

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Innovating and Investing in New Technology

Facial Aesthetics is forever breaking new ground, so it is always exciting to share new technologies being introduced into our clinics so our patients get the very best experience at Clinetix.

We have recently invested in the latest technologies in hand-held ultrasound, 3D photography and 3D facial scanning for better diagnosis, treatment planning and provision. So, what benefits does this bring to our patients? Read Dr Simon’s Blog to find out more…

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Rediscovering Skin Confidence in Your 40s

Ageing: It’s a process that brings with it some visible signs on the face that can either show slowly and subtly or arrive unannounced. For many, the quest for lifelong skin health starts in your 20s or 30s with topical treatments as the first line of defence. But if your investment in high quality skincare products and chemical peels aren’t proving as effective as they once were, then Dr Emma’s blog is for you. Read on to find out more…

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Another Pioneering First For Clinetix

Dr Emma Ravichandran is well-known within the industry to be a trailblazer for putting patient safety first. There are lots of other clinics who can offer anti-ageing treatments but the key question to ask is “are you in the safest possible hands?” Of course, the answer to that is “Yes” if you come to Clinetix. Even more so now that we are the first clinic in Scotland to be using ultrasound technology routinely, as a diagnostic tool, with all our injectable treatments. So, what does that mean for our patients? Read on to find out more…

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Tips for Bridal Skincare – getting you ready for the big day!

With weddings and events back in full swing, now is the time for spring and summer brides to consider shaping up their skincare regime. In this month’s blog, our Training and Development Manager, Erin Anderson, gives advice for skincare regimes to make sure your skin is glowing for your big day!
Glowing skin takes time and commitment especially if you have specific concerns to address, so starting early always makes sense. Read on for Erin’s advice for glowing skin for brides (and, of course, not forgetting the mothers of the bride) … 

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