Weight Management

What is weight management, exactly?

Driven by science, our new weight management programme is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools and caring support to achieve your ideal weight at last. Combining a physician-managed approach with the latest science and counselling; our focus is on creating sustainable, simple lifestyle changes that last.

Dispelling the Myths

So many people think weight management is a matter of “calories in, calories out”. Although calorie consumption plays a role in maintaining an ideal weight there are numerous other factors to consider; including hormonal and insulin resistance issues that emerging science show play a key role in enabling or hindering a patient’s weight management efforts.

Why Do So Many Patients Struggle With Weight Management?

The Psychology of Eating

We all have a complex relationship with food, and developing the appropriate strategies to make sustainable, healthy choices can make a world of difference in achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.


Between a busy schedule, fast food options readily available and the impact a lack of sleep or daily stress can have on our emotions – cravings can pose a challenge for even the most disciplined dieter.

Hormonal Issues

Emerging science is demonstrating the link between hormones, insulin, and weight management. Empowered with the tools and knowledge to master the impact hormones have on your weight, your body can at last work with you – instead of against you – in achieving your ideal weight.

Calorie Intake

Often, even seemingly ‘healthy’ foods can contain a substantial number of calories; leading to excess weight gain without realising it. Understanding your ideal calorie intake and dietary needs will empower you to succeed with weight loss long-term.

8 Questions To Ask About Weight Management

  1. With your weight management programme, how often will I meet with my practitioner, if at all?
  2. If I have hormone issues impacting my weight, how will you help me manage these?
  3. Will I have the option to benefit from diet counselling? Do you have diet advice readily available?
  4. How many patients do you see a week for weight loss? How much time and attention will I receive as your patient?
  5. Will you be able to help me feel better as I lose weight, and fully understand my health situation?
  6. Is this a comprehensive, evidence-based weight loss program, or only visits and a set protocol?
  7. Will I have the same practitioner seeing me on an ongoing basis, or does your staff rotate?
  8. How accessible is your medical team if I have concerns or questions? How are such needs managed?

How can we help you?

We know you want to make the correct choices. Choices that will make you feel more confident and attractive. We are here to support you with all the information you need to make informed choices about what will really make the difference for you.

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