VISIA® Facial Analysis

Would you like to know your true skin age?

Clinetix has invested in the very latest technology for finding out just that…and much more, with VISIA® Facial Analysis.

This 7th generation VISIA® Skin Analysis System will revolutionise your skincare journey at Clinetix. Much like an OCT retina scanner at the opticians, VISIA® Facial Analysis can detect skin issues, under the skin, before these conditions are actually visible on the surface of your skin. It allows your aesthetician to assess 8 different skin parameters and will also reveal your true skin age.

Using VISIA® Facial Analysis, in this way, helps us see what the human eye can’t and to take a preventative approach to skin conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage or rosacea before they emerge. This will allow your aesthetician to tailor your skincare regime to target any problem areas revealed by your scan and to chart your skincare journey with Clinetix for as long as you need us.

VISIA® Facial Analysis is currently available at Clinetix Bothwell and Clinetix Grampian.

VISIA® Facial Analysis

VISIA® Facial Analysis Consultation

As a bolt-on to any aesthetician treatment at Clinetix, VISIA® Facial Analysis is provided as a complimentary service.

Benefits of VISIA® Facial Analysis in your treatment planning

Using the VISIA® Facial Analysis as a diagnostic tool allows us to catch any skin conditions early which, in turn, makes treating them easier, quicker and more effective.

The VISIA® Facial Analysis will give your aesthetician a detailed understanding of your skin – both dermally and sub dermally – so that they can treat skin issues even before they appear on your skin.

Having an in-depth Skin Health Consultation with VISIA® Facial Analysis helps identify and prevent specific skin issues as well as guiding your treatment plan. It allows your aesthetician to determine the most appropriate skincare regime focussed on your precise skincare needs and goals. Your aesthetician can then monitor the progress of your skin journey over the longer term, quantifying your results scientifically and accurately (and not subjectively).

It also means that when we say your skincare journey at Clinetix is tailored for you – we really mean it!

How can we help you?

Using VISIA® Facial Analysis our therapists can identify any skin conditions early, so that treatment is quicker and more effective. VISIA® Facial Analysis is an added value service (free of charge) which is delivered in conjunction with therapist treatments at Clinetix.

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