IPL Hair Reduction

Reduction of excessive and unwanted hair is a lot easier and less hassle than it used to be. Using our advanced M22 IPL platform, unwanted hair can be easily reduced with long lasting results.

IPL Hair Reduction


Semi-permanent hair removal

IPL Hair Reduction is available exclusively at Clinetix Bothwell. For information on Laser Hair Reduction at Clinetix Grampian click here. 

Clinetix uses the advanced Lumenis M22 IPL. With this precision device our expert practitioners have complete control over the treatment options, and you can be confident of getting the best possible results.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which uses focused light energy to destroy the hair at the follicles.

Treatment starts from £50. Please click here for our full pricing structure. Treatment available in our Bothwell clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to note that complete hair removal is very unlikely in a single treatment. Typically most clients require between six - eight treatments however this is dependent on the colour of your hair, thickness of your hair and colour of your skin. IPL targets hair in the active growth phase and you should expect hair reduction of around 10 – 25 percent per treatment.

IPL works by transmitting energy across the skin and the energy is absorbed by the pigments in the hair shaft and transmitted down to the follicle. What this means is that the IPL targets the pigment.

IPL is most effective on clients with dark hair and light skin. As IPL targets the pigment completely white hair can be difficult to treat. Typically we find that the lighter the hair colour the more treatment sessions are required. When considering the skin, we want the energy to be absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, not the pigment in the skin, so we have to change the energy levels in darker skin types, so dark skin types may also require more sessions to get a good result. We recommend having IPL treatments in the winter months when hair is less likely to be bleached by the sun and the skin in less likely to be tanned.

Now many companies often describe IPL as a method of permanent hair removal leaving clients disappointed when around a year after the initial course of treatments their hair begins to grow back. We refer to IPL as a semi-permanent hair removal treatment as although the initial course of treatments will remove all of your hair follicles your body will eventually produce and develop more. We find that clients typically require a ‘top-up’ treatment once every six to twelve months to keep unwanted hair away!

Prior to treatment, we would recommend limiting your sun exposure and use of self-tanners. Before your IPL hair reduction treatment we would also ask that you refrain from plucking, waxing or bleaching the area for at least 2 - 4 weeks. If you do pluck, wax or bleach the IPL treatment will not be as effective and you will require additional treatments. If you do want to get rid of unwanted hair in between treatments, shaving is absolutely fine. In fact we ask that you shave the area to be treated a day or two prior to your treatment.

Before your treatment begins we will clean the treatment area to ensure there are no lotions, cosmetics or deodorants left on the skin. You will be given a pair of protective eye wear and we will apply a cool gel to the area to be treated. The treatment involves a number of applications called ‘pulses’ to be applied to the area. It is not a painful treatment and many clients describe the sensation as a ‘pinch’ or a ‘flick’.

After your IPL treatment there is no downtime and you can continue your normal activities after treatment. However as your skin is likely to be sensitive we recommend using an SPF on sun exposed areas. Excessive skin exposure after treatment risks damaging your skin so we advise that you avoid sunbathing or tanning beds. After your treatment the targeted hair will look like it’s growing again. This is when the hair begins to make its way out of the follicle. Around two weeks after your IPL treatment your hair will shed and fall out. At this time you will be able to gently remove it with a washcloth in the bath or shower. When your hair is shedding, let it fall out naturally. Please do not pluck or wax the treatment area! If the hair has not fallen out naturally it means that the root is still alive and that the hair will need to be targeted again in another treatment. You can shave after your IPL treatments but avoid any treatments that pulls hair out by the roots.

We conduct a patch test on all clients receiving any kind of laser or IPL treatment, to ensure there is no adverse reaction. For compliance with regulations and the safety of our clients we require to carry out a test spot at least 24 hrs prior to any treatment, and after annual services/maintenance of our equipment is carried out.

Our IPL machines and lasers are serviced and continually maintained to ensure our equipment always runs at optimum levels, and that we provide a beneficial service to all our clients. Therefore, depending on the timing of your laser or IPL treatments, you may be asked to attend the clinic for more than your initial test spot. Your aesthetician will provide further details to you.

IPL Hair Reduction is available exclusively at Clinetix Bothwell. For information on Laser Hair Reduction at Clinetix Grampian click here. 

Treatment starts from £80 for a small area. Please click here for our full pricing structure.

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