Private General Practice

CAS Medical is a bespoke Private General Practice with a focus on health and wellbeing hosted by Dr Chris Sockalingam on Saturday afternoons in Clinetix Bothwell.

CAS Medical offer healthcare asepcts of general practice, and in addition, promote tailored annual healthcare reviews for those proactively looking to maintain their health.

For bookings, please contact CAS Medical directly at info@casmedical.org

CAS Medical offer a range of services including:

  • General consultation and examination of all common conditions
  • Electrocardiogram (both single lead and 12 lead ECG will be available) to check heart rhythm etc
  • Spirometry (to assess base breathing and lung function)
  • Personalised risk profiling
  • Advice about aspects of sexual and reproductive health
  • GP Special interest in chronic pain and experience with fibromyalgia
  • Aspects of mental health, in particular depression and anxiety
  • Medical aspects of weight management
  • Skin and hair issues
  • Individualised annual assessments for health promotion and disease prevention 
  • Corporate health checks and packages
  • Onward referral to specialist
  • Chronic disease management
  • Acute and Repeat prescribing (where appropriate)
  • Advice and management of HRT

Dr. Chris Sockalingam is the director of CAS Medical, a private self-funding general practice service. He’s a general practitioner with qualifications from Edinburgh medical school (MBChB) in 2004 and completed his general practice training (MRCGP) in 2007. He became an accredited Royal Collage of General Practitioner Educational Supervisor in 2021, responsible for training the next generation of GPs in the West of Scotland NHS Education Scotland program. Dr. Sockalingam aims to promote health and prevent illness through personalized patient-centred consultations. CAS Medical offers 30-minute face-to-face consultations, with the option for extended time. He encourages tailored annual reviews to maintain and protect health proactively and detect diseases early when possible. Dr. Sockalingam consults at Clinetix on Saturdays. Reach out to learn more about how CAS Medical can assist you at info@casmedical.org

Price List

30 Minute Consultation£200
60 Minute Consultation£350
Annual Health Assessment (examination, bloods, ECG, spirometry, urinalysis, height, weight, BMI & report of results)£650
12 Lead ECG£80
Single Lead ECG Screening for AF£17.50
Phlebotomy Cost£25
Basic Medical Letter£25
Referral Letter for Further Specialist Investigation£25
Referral to a Specialist£25
Capillary Blood Glucose£12.50


To enquire and make an appointment, please email basic information about your health query to info@casmedical.org

CAS Medical Ltd will then email back, confirming the consultation’s date and time. Attached will be Terms & Conditions of service, and a new patient registration form. CAS Medical may also send you additional pre-consultation questionnaire/assessment forms if necessary, to help you get the most from your consultation.

In addition, clients will be emailed an invoice for a booking deposit. This deposit is returnable under the Terms & Conditions set out in CAS Medical Ltd cancellation policy (see below). The deposit for a 30 minute consultation is £70. The deposit for a 60 minute consultation, or annual medical assessment, is £125

An appointment can be secured once the booking deposit is paid in full. We would ask clients to complete and return the new patient registration form ahead of their initial consultation, so that we can create your confidential digital medical record before you attend.

An itemised invoice can be provided during the consultation, illustrating the agreed cost of any additional investigations or services etc, and the balancing payment for the consultation itself.

Payment & Cancellations

To secure your consultation appointment, clients must make full payment of the booking deposit (see above), read the Terms & Conditions of service, and complete a new patient medical form if this is their first consultation with CAS Medical Ltd.

On the day of the consultation, clients must pay the balance of their consultation cost, and for certain additional services (namely but not exclusively investigations, prescriptions, and referrals undertaken by CAS Medical Ltd).

You will be advised of the full costs of any investigation and treatment plan proposed and agreed before these are undertaken or onward referral made.

CAS Medical Ltd accepts cash, major debit and credit cards.