As an industry-leading clinic, patient safety is absolutely paramount at Clinetix, which is one of the reasons we are continually investing in exciting and dynamic technologies to give our patients the best aesthetic outcomes.

We’ve recently invested in the latest, hand-held ultrasound devices and we’re really excited to be breaking new ground – being the first clinic in the UK to be using this ultrasound technique routinely, as a diagnostic tool, with all our injectable treatments. This allows our medical practitioners to see under your skin prior to carrying out any injectable treatments. Consequently, filler and toxin treatments can be delivered to precise injection zones, exactly where you need it.

This means:

  •  you will get a better aesthetic result
  •  there is less risk of common side effects
  •  there is less downtime, and
  •  your risk of having complications is also significantly lowered


Ultrasound Facial Scanning

The ultrasound device gives a detailed understanding of how best to rejuvenate your face using dermal fillers to subtly support and enhance your facial features.

Benefits of Ultrasound device in your treatment planning

When assessing a patient, the hand-held ultrasound allows your medical practitioner to see under your skin and to create a vascular map as part of your treatment plan, tailored to your own unique anatomy. Clinetix is proud to lead the way in the routine use of ultrasound technology as we believe it is an essential step for safe, consistent dermal filler outcomes. It allows your practitioner to:

  • safely deliver product to precise injection zones
  • inject product exactly where needed
  • reduce the occurrence of common side effects (such as localised bruising and swelling to the treatment zone), and
  • significantly reduce the likelihood of any complications following treatment

Ultrasound diagnostics are included routinely with every toxin or filler treatment with Dr Simon, Dr Emma and Dr Paula, as an added value service (completely free of charge).

Building Collagen and Elastin with Ultrasound

We’re also routinely using micro-focused ultrasound technology to deliver the revolutionary Ultherapy® treatment.

No needles, no toxins…just really natural-looking results.

Treatment available in Bothwell and Grampian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facial ultrasound is like having x-ray eyes to see underneath the surface of your skin. It allows your practitioner to see the layers of tissue and blood vessels under your skin, prior to administering injectable procedures. The ultrasound device gives your practitioner a detailed understanding of how best to use toxin and dermal fillers for natural-looking results.

Every patient has unique anatomy and, so, underneath the skin everyone's tissues and blood supply are different. Using ultrasound as an integral part of your toxin or filler treatment means that you practitioner can be really precise when planning exactly where to inject. Clinetix is proud to be leading the way in the routine use of ultrasound technology to provide safe, consistent toxin and dermal filler treatments. By creating a plan tailored precisely for your own unique anatomy, injectable treatments can be delivered more safely.

The main advantages of using facial ultrasound are:

  1. Your practitioner can see under the skin before injecting
  2. This allows your practitioner to create a vascular map of the treatment zone
  3. Your treatment plan is then tailored to your unique facial anatomy
  4. You will get better aesthetic results due to precise filler injection points
  5. There is less risk of common side effects such as localised swelling or bruising
  6. Consequently, there will be little or no downtime
  7. Your risk of having any complications is significantly lowered

Having ultrasound diagnostics prior to your treatment will reduce the risk of common side effects such as swelling and bruising. This is on top of the measures we already take to minimise downtime, such as the use of invisible needles. Therefore, you can expect to have little or no downtime following toxin or dermal filler treatment at Clinetix.

Facial ultrasound diagnostics are currently available at Clinetix Bothwell, Clinetix Glasgow West End and Clinetix Grampian clinics with Dr Emma, Dr Simon and Dr Paula.

Facial ultrasound diagnostics are currently included in the price of your toxin or filler treatment, as added value, for increased patient safety. Guidance on toxin and filler prices can be found on our website price list.

The first step is to book in for a Virtual Medical Consultation. Following this, your proposed treatment plan will be quoted to you (without obligation). When you arrive to have your in-clinic toxin or filler treatment, a more precise plan will be tailored to your own unique anatomy as you practitioner can create a vascular map of the treatment zone. This helps avoid complications and side effects as your practitioner is able to pinpoint precise injection zones and avoid damaging blood vessels (which is a common cause of bruising). To start your treatment journey, Book a Virtual Medical Consultation.