Thread Vein Reduction

Thread veins and high colour are common complaints for most skin types, but you don’t have to live with these conditions. At Clinetix we use Intense Pulsed Light and Laser treatment to aid in the reduction of redness, spider veins and telangiectasia for a more even skin tone.

Thread Vein Reduction


Laser Spider Vein Removal

Clinetix Bothwell uses the advanced Lumenis M22 IPL. With this precision device our expert practitioners have complete control over the treatment options, and you can be confident of getting the best possible results.

At Clinetix Grampian we use the cutting-edge Excel V+ Laser for thread vein treatment. The laser bypasses healthy surface skin to reach the swollen blood vessels that cause your thread veins.

Treatment from £120. Please click here for our full price list.

Treatment available in Bothwell and Grampian.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Clinetix Grampian we use the Excel V+ Laser for thread vein treatment. This state-of-the-art precision laser bypasses the healthy surface skin to reach the swollen blood vessels causing your thread veins. The laser causes the vessel walls to collapse and later dissolve within your body.

At Clinetix Bothwell we use the M22 IPL Platform. The intense pulsed light passes through the upper layers of the skin and is selectively absorbed by haemoglobin in blood vessels. This heats up the blood vessel rapidly, damaging it and causing it to close over. Your bodies own immune system takes care of the rest and removes the damaged vessel.

We conduct a patch test on all clients receiving any kind of laser treatment, to ensure there is no adverse reaction. For compliance with regulations and the safety of our clients we require to carry out a patch test at least 24 hrs prior to any treatment, and after annual services/maintenance of our equipment is carried out.

Our lasers and IPL platforms are serviced and continually maintained to ensure our equipment always runs at optimum levels, and that we provide a beneficial service to all our clients. Therefore, depending on the timing of your laser or IPL treatments, you may be asked to attend the clinic for more than your initial test spot. Your clinical aesthetician will provide further details to you.

During the procedure, we will give you protective eye shields to wear. A numbing gel may also be applied to the areas to be treated. Using a handheld device for correct positioning, the laser/ IPL is delivered in short bursts to protect your skin. Many people say this treatment is painless but you may feel a slight pinprick sensation, similar to having a hair plucked or pinged by an elastic band. 

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

With thread vein removal, the results can be immediate. In the two weeks following your treatment, you should continue to see improvements in the treated area. New vessels may occur in the future; this can be caused by factors such as sun exposure and genetics.

Depending on the severity of the problem, you may only need one treatment. However, if you have a complex network of facial veins, you may require several treatments. 

We would normally recommend approximately two to four weeks between treatments to give the broken-down vein time to absorb and to let us fully assess the outcomes from each treatment.

During your initial consultation, we will carefully analyse your facial veins and outline what we feel will be the best treatment plan for you.

As the energy is applied, the enlarged blood vessel will collapse and disappear. Several seconds later, this will be replaced with a slight redness which will fade within a few days.

Thread vein removal is available at Clinetix Bothwell and Clinetix Grampian. At Clinetix Bothwell we use the M22 IPL Platform and at Clinetix Grampian we use the Excel V+ Laser.

Thread vein treatment with IPL/Laser start at £120. Click here for our full pricing structure.

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