Leg Veins

Does suffering from thread veins on your legs affect your confidence? Do you feel as though you can’t wear what you want because you have to cover your legs? Perhaps you feel down about your overall appearance because of thread veins on your legs?

You no longer need to suffer in silence. Using laser and IPL technology, it is possible for us to quickly and safely eliminate unsightly thread veins to give your skin a clearer, more attractive appearance.

Treatment from £150. Please click here for our full pricing structure.

Treatment available at the Grampian clinic.

Leg Veins

Leg Thread Vein Removal

At Clinetix Grampian we use the Excel V+ Laser to treat thread veins on the legs.

  • Can quickly and safely eradicate thread veins on the legs
  • Veins only recur in a small percentage of cases
  • May help restore your confidence
  • Likely to see ongoing improvements after each treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

At Clinetix Grampian we use the Excel V+ Laser for leg vein treatments.

Using a handheld device, we are able to target thread veins on the legs. The laser penetrates the skin and the energy from the laser beam causes the veins to collapse and seal shut. The treated veins are then broken down and absorbed by the body.

This procedure is suitable for superficial veins up to 4mm in diameter.

We conduct a patch test on all clients receiving any kind of laser treatment, to ensure there is no adverse reaction. For compliance with regulations and the safety of our clients we require to carry out a test spot at least 24 hrs prior to any treatment, and after annual services/maintenance of our equipment is carried out.

Our lasers are serviced and continually maintained to ensure our equipment always runs at optimum levels, and that we provide a beneficial service to all our clients. Therefore, depending on the timing of your laser treatments, you may be asked to attend the clinic for more than your initial test spot. Your clinical aesthetician will provide further details to you.

We will apply a numbing gel to the treatment area and then ask you to lie down and relax on one of our comfortable treatment tables. You will also be given protective eyewear to wear throughout the procedure.

Using a small handheld device, we target the thread veins (also referred to as spider veins) and broken capillaries. The laser is delivered in short bursts to protect your skin.

The treatment will take 30-60 minutes depending on the area to be treated.

You should see some difference to the appearance of your leg veins after just one treatment but it can take eight to twelve weeks for the results of your treatment to be completely appreciated.

Multiple treatments may be required.

Treatment for thread veins on the legs is available at Clinetix Grampian using the Excel V+ Laser.

Treatments for thread veins on the legs start from £150.

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