Full Facial Rejuvenation

Combined therapy approach for a natural, youthful look.

At Clinetix, we find taking a holistic approach to facial aesthetics, looking at the physiology of the face as a whole, delivers the best results. Generally, our patients want to achieve natural-looking, dynamic results without having the appearance of having had ‘work done’.

Full Facial Rejuvenation moves away from individual treatment areas to:
• consider every aspect of the face
• look at the ageing face as a whole
• adopt an expert, multi-layered approach
• deliver more natural-looking, youthful rejuvenation outcomes

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Further Description

The best approach to Full Facial Rejuvenation will be discussed following consultation with one of our Medical Directors. They will create a bespoke treatment plan for you, which aligns with your own unique features and desired outcomes.

Full Facial Rejuvenation takes a combination approach to treatment, designed to give you a fresh, more youthful look, improving how you look and feel about your appearance and helping you look younger for longer. It will typically involve using dermal fillers to specific areas of the face to restore lost volume in combination with anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, creating an overall face-lifting and rejuvenating effect. As with all Clinetix treatments, our Full Facial Rejuvenation packages are tailored to your individual needs and so, following consultation, the treatment plan may involve additional therapies for skin tightening or skin surface rejuvenation, where taking a combined therapy approach will give you a better, overall aesthetic result.

Dermal filler treatment should not be carried out 2 weeks prior to or 3 weeks after receiving the Coronavirus vaccination.

Treatment from £2000. Please click here for our full pricing structure.

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on Full Facial Rejuvenation, view our FAQ video on You Tube. Click here to watch.


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