Profhilo is one of the most innovative products in the aesthetic market. It is a hyaluronic acid treatment for the skin that, rather than replacing volume or creating a volumetric lift like other dermal fillers, Profhilo can create volume in the tissue where it is needed and create an overall improvement in skin appearance.

This innovative approach to anti-ageing counteracts skin laxity of the face and in areas traditionally prone to the visible signs of ageing (but normally difficult to treat), such as the neck, décolletage, hands and arms.

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Profhilo Treatment (Skin Booster)

Profhilo uses Hyaluronic Acid in its purest, thermally cross-linked form. Combined with a specifically designed injection technique, called the bioaesthetic point technique, Profhilo delivers zero downtime.

Treatment from £260. Please click here for our full pricing structure.

Profhilo treatment should not be carried out 2 weeks prior to or 3 weeks after receiving the Coronavirus vaccination.

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You'll achieve optimum results with two 30 minute treatments spaced four weeks apart with visible results at four weeks. Repeat treatments every six months will create ongoing improvements for you. Some patients choose a longer course of treatments for a powerfully rejuvenating effect.

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