Vitamin Drips


Coming soon to Clinetix Rejuvenation… Intravenous Vitamin Drips!

Intravenous Vitamin drips are the newest phenomenon of tired or burnt-out celebrities. Soon you will also be able to experience the marvellous benefits and improved well being provided by intravenous vitamin drips.

All of our IV infusions contain essential nutrients made up of vitamins, minerals and water. These are nutrients that we need in our everyday life which our bodies cannot naturally produce on their own. Conventionally we would find these essential nutrients through food. However we often find that a lot of modern food sources are over processed and modified. This leaves many of us critically deficient in a variety of essential nutrients. Using IV infusions we can restore our bodies back to it’s peak fitness with maximum energy performance.

What are the benefits in using IV Vitamin Drips rather than Oral Vitamins?

Although there are significant benefits to taking oral vitamins and supplements every day did you know that the body’s natural absorption process can render up to 85% off a vitamin pill useless. It has been clinically proven that only around 15% of active nutrients actually find their way into the bloodstream. On the other hand IV nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and immediately. Much higher concentrations of nutrients can be delivered into the body’s cells through an IV Vitamin Drip. Successively this allows the body to better absorb and utilise these nutrients.

At Clinetix we understand that everyone is unique and therefore so are your nutrient requirements and individual goals! We design bespoke Vitamin formulations to ensure we meet your goals and needs. There are a variety of drips that you can choose from dependent on your concerns and what you hope to achieve:

IV Age Defiance Drip

‘Anti-Ageing From The Inside Out’

Our Age Defiance Drip contains a specially formulated high dose IV Glutathione (a key antioxidant) combined with a blend of vitamins and minerals to fight the signs of ageing. The nutrients in our Age Defiance Drip are designed to restore collagen and stimulate the production of elastin. In turn the Age Defiance Drip will also brighten skin, even skin tone and hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.  The Age Defiance Drip will restore your radiance in just an hour long appointment.

IV Detox Fat Burning Drip

‘Gorgeous On The Outside Starts On The Inside’

The Detox Fat Burning Drip is designed using a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help achieve your ideal body. This personalised formulation will cut back toxin load and help your body function at optimum levels in order to burn off stubborn body fat. Amino acids further boost the benefits of the drips as they detoxify the body and aid digestion. The Detox Fat Burning drip can even help improve athletic performance as minerals alter the regulation of blood sugar. Everything combined in the Detox Fat Burning drip will burn body fat, enhance energy levels and reduce the body’s toxic load.

IV Athlete/ Sport Drip

‘Powering You To Peak Performance’

The Athlete/ Sport Drip is ideal for those of you with active or sporty lifestyles. Loaded with high concentrations of energy-boosting B vitamins and powerful amino acids the Athlete/Sport Drip is great to enhance your performance and improve recovery times. IV therapy can give you a sustainable energy boost without causing a sharp crash which is often found with other energy boosters such as energy drinks.

IV ATP Energiser Drip

‘Need A Healthy Pick Me Up?’

Our ATP Energiser drip contains high doses of B vitamins – essential vitamins for your body’s production and use of energy. These are combined with high doses of Magnesium, critical for the production of ATP (the main source of energy in our cells) and other energy-boosting amino acids. The ATP Energiser Drip will replenish your essential nutrients, detoxify your body and give you a sustainable energy boost. Perfect for after a rough night out!


IV Immune Booster Drip

‘Rediscover Your Get Up And Go’

The Immune Booster Drip is a nutritional drip that helps to fight off radical damage and oxidative stress to help you feel better faster. The Immune Booster Drip contains high doses of vitamin C combined with Zinc, B Vitamins and powerful antioxidants to boost your immune system. On top of this the Immune Booster drip will help to increase energy whilst fighting off any sluggishness that comes from feeling under the weather.

IV Mood Support Drip

‘Relax Your Body And Mind’

For those of you in need of some relaxation then the Mood Support drip may be for you. Our specially formulated drip is designed to support and enhance the mental faculties to relax your mind and body. The Mood Support Drip contains high doses of Glutamine, Carnitne and Ornithine. These work together to have a positive impact on your peace of mind, balance you in stressful situations and improve your concentration.

IV Wellness Mod. Myers Drip

‘The Vitamin Cocktail That Started It All’

The Wellness Drip is the IV infusion that started the IV nutrition revolution. Containing a mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for overall wellness. The Wellness Drip is known to replenish vital vitamins and minerals whilst enhancing energy and detoxifying the body.

Intravenous vitamin drips will be in a Clinetix clinic near you soon! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when the IV Vitamin Drips will be released. If you would like to register your interest in Vitamin drips or would like to find out more about IV vitamin drips email us on

TCA Peel Results

A few weeks ago I had a TCA Chemical Peel. If you missed it, click here to watch our live feed of Dr Simon Ravichandran performing my chemical peel. This blog will go into detail about what a TCA peel is, how I prepared my skin, how I felt during the treatment plus what my skin looked like each day after the treatment.

What is a TCA Chemical Peel?

So what actually is a TCA Chemical Peel? A TCA peel is a medium depth chemical peel used to resurface the skin. A solution of Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is applied to the skin to remove the outer surface layers allowing new, healthier skin to emerge. The majority of peels we perform at Clinetix are superficial peels. As TCA is a medium depth peel it penetrates deeper throughout the epidermis and sometimes into the dermis as well. We often find that we get faster results from TCA chemical peels so it is one of our go-to anti ageing chemical peels at Clinetix.

The TCA peel is effective for treating a variety of skin concerns such as improving fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation abnormalities and acne scars. On top of this we usually see an improvement in skin tone and texture. TCA also stimulates collagen growth creating firmer, fresher and tighter skin.

How I prepared my skin for the peel.

Before having the TCA peel I had to make sure that my skin was prepared. Having prepared skin allowed me to get the maximum benefits and results with the minimum side effects. To prepare my skin I had been using an AHA Cleanser for a number of months, a retinol product and an SPF 30 to limit my sun exposure. Using these products has helped improve the quality of my skin which allowed for an even penetration of the TCA peel over my entire face. Even penetration of the solution meant that I had a much better result which a much lower chance of side effects.

What steps are involved in the treatment?

To start off the treatment Dr Simon applies an ointment called aquaphor to sensitive areas on my face (such as around my eyes) where we didn’t want the peel to take effect. He then used a preparation solution to clean my skin. This removed any excess oil on my skin allowing the TCA solution to soak through any oil that otherwise would be on the skin. Dr Simon then placed a bit of tape over each of my eyelids to prevent any of the TCA solution from getting in my eyes. Dr Simon then began to apply the TCA solution.

Once there was some visible signs of frosting Dr Simon then applied the neutralising solution to neutralise any of the superficial acid that was on the surface of my skin. After the treatment he recommended that I continually moisturise my skin and stayed out of the sun (not very hard in Scotland) until my skin has stopped flaking and is completely rejuvenated.

How I felt during the chemical peel.

During the peel my skin became quite hot and slightly uncomfortable. Throughout the treatment I was given a handheld fan to cool down my skin. When the neutralising solution was applied my skin did become increasingly warmer however the fan continued to cool my skin. Although my skin was quite pink and uncomfortable throughout the treatment, at no point would I have described the peel as painful. Once Dr Simon had finished neutralising the chemical peel my skin temperature had already began to return to normal. Around 30 minutes after the peel my face was no longer pink and flushed.

What my skin looked like each day after the peel

Immediately after the treatment my skin felt very soft and smooth. Downtime after a TCA peel can last up to a week so I decided to document each day after the peel to show you what you can expect!

fullsizerenderDay One.

The first day after the peel you wouldn’t really be able to tell that I had a chemical peel! My cheeks were a bit flushed but at this point there was no signs of shedding or increased tightness in my skin. My skin felt really smooth and soft but no drastic changes had occurred yet. I was able to go out on the first day without having to worry about my skin starting to peel.


Day Two.img_8641

Day two after my TCA peel my skin was a lot tighter and started to become what I call ‘cling film’ skin. What I mean by this is that when I pressed onto my skin the appearance of it became like cling film. As my skin was tight it did feel quite uncomfortable. To combat this I used a moisturiser and SPF to relax the tightness in my skin. At this point there were still no signs of shedding however on certain areas of my skin such as my cheeks I could see an increase in dryness and could tell that this was likely to be one of the first areas to peel.

img_8647Day Three.

On day three my skin began to shed quite significantly around my mouth. It wasn’t particularly obvious unless the light was shining on it. The skin underneath my eyes and around my nose had become quite tight and like cling film! I could tell that these were the areas that were likely to peel next.


img_8662 Day Four onward

My skin was still slowly peeling by day four. You could see areas of uneven skin tone on my cheek and around my eyes where the skin was yet to peel. You could also see that my forehead would be the last to peel as it was still the texture of cling film.

I stopped taking pictures after day four as there was very little change. My skin was simply peeling on different areas of my face. From day 6 my skin tone began to even out as the majority of my skin had already shed.


This photo was taken just over a week after my TCA chemical peel after I had cleansed my face. I am so happy with the results! The TCA has resurfaced my skin by removing the outer surface layer of my skin revealing smoother fresher skin. My skin feels so much healthier and my fine lines are completely gone. My acne scars have reduced significantly and after a course of these peels they will continue to reduce further. As the TCA chemical peel also stimulates collagen growth my skin will continue to become firmer and tighter over the next few months.

I’m so pleased with the results and I am planning on having a few more TCA chemical peels over the next few months to further enhance my results.

If you have any questions about the TCA Chemical peel or my personal experience with it then please email us on or call 0141 221 0229 (West End) or 01698 854 221 (Bothwell) to for a chat.

Click here if you would like to find out more about the variety of chemical peels we offer at Clinetix.

ZO Skincare Home Routine


I’m here to change the way you think of skin and skin care!

Hi there lovely ladies and gents,

As Christmas is fast approaching its time to get your skin ready for the party season ahead. When it comes to results its all about your core home care routine! A lot of my client’s say they don’t have enough time or they’re too “lazy” when it comes to using products at home but it doesn’t have to be hard work. Today I’m going to discuss a simple beginners ZO Skincare home routine which can be the start to healthy, glowing skin.


Step One – Cleanse… the right way!

Step away from the make up wipes, they are a curse word in my book. A lot of the make up remover wipes on the market have a high alcohol content so dry and dehydrate the skin. Also they do not thoroughly remove your make up so you need something that will fully remove unnecessary oils, make up and the build up of the day from your skin.


ZO Exfoliating Cleanser part of a ZO Skincare Home Routine - Clinetix Rejuvenation, Glasgow, ScotlandI recommended ZO Exfoliating Cleanser.
This cleanser includes both a physical and chemical exfoliation leaving the skin deeply cleansed. ZO’s Exfoliating Cleanser sets itself apart as it includes something called an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) – Salicylic to be exact. Without being too boring ladies and gents it will aid the removal of dead skin cells whilst purging the skin of congestion and refining pores size.


Getting excited yet? So what would you rather? A dehydrating make up wipe or a deeply cleansing bottle of fabulousness!
Top Tip – Keep in the shower for on the go cleansing morning or night!


Step Two – Ditch the toner – you’re not a printer!

A massive misconception in skin care is using a toner. Now don’t get me wrong there are slight benefits such as making sure there is no residue of make up left and they do sometimes leave the skin feeling a little fresher but if you spend that little extra time cleansing you’ve already removed all that make up and you should be feeling fresh as a daisy!


So what to using after cleansing? ZO T-E Pads of course.
ZO T-E Pads part of a ZO Skincare Home Routine - Clinetix Rejuvenation, Glasgow, ScotlandNow every skin type young or old needs T-E pads in there life. Why? I hear you ask. Well imagine you have a layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin like most people do. You then apply your fab products you just purchased on top of those pesky dead cells and guess what? That product that helps with fine lines and wrinkles or the serum that will help with over production of oil won’t go anywhere near as deep because of that layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin that it has to fight with to get anywhere.


The answer to your problem is T-E Pads!
These pads help to enhance product penetration by aiding the removal of dead cells on the surface of the skin. As well as this they control oil imbalance, restore PH and soothe dry skin. Winner!
Top Tip – Keep them by the bed for quick application before hitting the sack.


Step Three – Correction

ZO Daily Power Defence part of a ZO Skincare Home Routine - Clinetix Rejuvenation, Glasgow, ScotlandSo now that you have fully prepped your skin you have a beautiful blank canvas to work on. Step forward Mr Daily Power Defence (we call him DPD for short). This is your corrective/active product and your first introduction to Retinol or Vitamin A. Every skin condition and routine needs a Retinol aspect for best results. Nearly all my clients have some sort of Retinol in there home care and here is why:
  • Repairs DNA
  • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin
  • Softens fine line and wrinkles
  • Balances Oil production
  • Helps even out pigmentation
Need I go on? As well as this added antioxidants fight against free radical damage that breaks down skin natural barrier. So this serum is a all round crowd pleaser.


Step Four – Finally a moisturising SPF

ZO Smart Tone SPF part of a ZO Skincare Home Routine - Clinetix Rejuvenation, Glasgow, ScotlandDouble up ! A good moisturiser should contain a SPF of 30 or above, ideally the higher the factor the longer the protection. Many people think that unless it’s sunny they don’t need to wear any sun protection… NO NO NO stop where you are and put on that sun block! Everyday UV damage is the biggest contributor to pigmentation and premature ageing. If you apply a daily SPF, you are stopping the UV rays damaging your skin thus slowing the ageing process.


As my gran said ‘prevention is better than cure’ so save yourself time and money buy protecting your skin now! ZO Smart tone SPF 50 is probably one of our biggest sellers in the clinic due to the light consistency, moisturising properties and its unique micro pigments that adapt to any skin tone giving a more even appearance.
Top Tip – Acts as a great primer before make up.


So if I’ve kept you interested and you’ve read down to the end then you’ll now be a convert to my core ZO Skincare home routine… well hopefully. If you would like myself or one of the other aestheticians to create a bespoke skincare home routine for you then contact the clinics on 0141 221 0229 (West End) or 01698 854 221 (Bothwell) and book an appointment.


Clinetix Rejuvenation Resident ZO expert Erin SmaleErin x

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