Discovering the Power of Excel V+ for Skin Rejuvenation

Discovering the Power of Excel V+ for Skin Rejuvenation

We’ve recently welcomed a new addition to our Clinetix team here at our Grampian Clinic. We understand that providing the best possible treatments and services to our patients not only means attentive customer service, highly skilled and experienced practitioners, and great results, but also refers to the equipment needed to achieve these results.

We have recently acquired the Excel V+ by Cutera, an industry leading laser with design input from leading dermatologists to deliver the highest possible standards and results to patients. Choosing the right equipment is not only important for dramatic, lasting results, but is also essential to patient safety. Meaning when you put your trust in us with your skin concerns, we ensure every part of the treatment process is done to the highest of standards.

New wave technology

The Excel V+ has been created using industry leading innovation to bring power, precision and performance to treat a wide range of skin concerns. This laser uses two clinically proven wavelengths, meaning the efficiency of the energy transfer from the laser to the area being treated will have an increased capability.

With this powerful technology it is easy to see why patients will often seek out treatments that use these specific types of lasers, which cannot be matched by at-home IPL laser machines. Not only can these professional lasers provide far greater results, but when using a laser in-clinic it will always be guided by our experienced clinical aestheticians, who are there to ensure patient safety.

Precision treatments to target a wide range of skin concerns

There are numerous skin concerns that may affect your confidence, and some of you may have more than one skin concern that’s on your list to be addressed.

Sun exposure in particular can be a nuisance in causing a multitude of skin concerns at once, including sun spots, fine lines and pigmentation. While usually treating a multitude of skin concerns at once can be greatly time consuming and costly, the Excel V+ makes life easier by targeting these issues with the use of just one laser.

The Excel V+ can target isolated areas of the skin, perfect for skin concerns that are quite literally the size of a spot, such as Skin Tags, Cherry Red Bumps, Cherry Angiomas and Campbell de Morgan Spots. This laser can also target skin concerns such as Port Wine Stains, Birthmarks and Acne Scarring, due to the lasers ability to target pigmentation on the skins surface.

However, you may find yourself looking at treatments to address our most frequently requested skin concerns being, Facial Veins, Rosacea,  Facial Redness, Pigmentation and Leg Veins.

A laser treatment for everyone

We are continually pursuing treatments which embrace revolutionary laser technology. For some, rather than treating a specific skin concern you may instead be looking for a treatment that will boost your overall skin health, and leave you feeling revitalized. Our Hydragenesis and Laser Gensis treatments may be the right fit if you are looking to benefit from this powerful laser technology.


Hydragenesis is a combination treatment, taking the benefits of a Hydrafacial with the collagen-stimulating effects of a Laser Genesis treatment. This treatment has the added benefit of targeting not only the surface of the skin, but also the deeper layers to see lasting results. This treatment can be used for fine lines, wrinkles, evening skin texture, reducing redness and overall improvement to the appearance of the skin.

Laser Genesis

This treatment is a non-invasive, effective method of stimulating collagen production, which can also be used to target skin concerns such as Rosacea. During the treatment the skin will be gently heated by the laser which triggers the body’s natural healing process, which then stimulates new collagen production all while being conducted safely in the hands of the skin therapist.

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