Why Winter Is The Secret Weapon To Aesthetic Treatments

Why Winter Is The Secret Weapon To Aesthetic Treatments

Winter months can often be a time to simply ‘get through’ until the brighter mornings start to appear. However, these long dark months can offer the perfect opportunity to embark on your journey to better skin and overall improved skin confidence.

Most of us understand that winter can be particularly tough on your skin, with harsh winds, colder temperatures and the additional dryness from indoor heating can all cause havoc to your skin’s natural barrier. This can be especially noticeable by those of you with existing skin conditions, such as thread veins and dry skin, who find this time of the year only exacerbates these issues further.  

Although the damaging effects of the current winter climate can leave you feeling less confident in your skin, this does not mean it’s a good time to shy away from aesthetic treatments. Quite to the contrary, this can be the perfect time of year to embrace treatments that can both help you tackle skin concerns whilst preventing some of the negative side-effects of winter. Make the most of what winter can offer you this year by beginning treatments mid-winter and benefit from the significant advantages they can hold:

Stick to your New Year Resolutions

Sometimes ‘starting as you mean to go on’ really is the secret to achieving those resolutions for the year. For some of you it can be easier to start working away at your personal goals and aspirations during a fresh start, something that the beginning of the new year offers us. That being said, weight management goals often appear on many of our New Year Resolution lists, being either to lose weight or simply prioritise our health. At Clinetix we can offer support in the form of Weight Management Consultations and would agree that starting these consultations at the beginning of the year can be especially advantageous, as this is the time of year that we are all collectively thinking about our health. 

Worry less about frosty flare-ups

Active acne can be especially troublesome during winter and may lead you to notice those acne scars all the bit more. Even though it’s never enjoyable to see your acne at its worse, this may encourage you to take action and investigate the source of the issue, while assessing what treatments may remedy the skin concern. Our skin therapists can offer professional advice in order to help you determine what treatments may be most suited for your particular acne concern, as we can offer a range of treatments for both acne and acne scarring.

The power of a professional consultation

You may have decided on one or two resolutions for the year, but devising a step-by-step plan to achieve this goal may be where the real challenge lies. Sometimes there is simply too much information out there especially when it comes to beauty and skin health advice, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Our professional consultations can be a great means of cutting through the noise by providing you with personalised advice and individual treatment plans – ideal for those of you who are eager to make progress towards their skin health goals.

Start your summer glow now

When you find yourself wrapping up warmly both in and outside the home, summer may be a distant thought. However, the key to looking your best in the summer lies in the actions you take today. For example, if your goal is to say yes to spontaneous plans by not having to worry about unwanted body hair this summer, then you may want to consider starting your laser hair reduction journey now. Laser hair reduction not only requires numerous treatment sessions but also requires avoiding sun exposure. In fact, any treatment that requires downtime is better started through the winter especially when trying to avoid exposure to heat.


So as we enter into the heart of winter, remember this can be the best possible time to plant the seeds for your summer skin goals, as it can often be true that time is your ally when it comes to these types of treatments. Demonstrating that aesthetic medicine is far more than just appearance but a holistic all-year-round approach to self-care.

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