Embracing Excellence: Our Triple Nomination at the Aesthetic Awards 2024

Embracing Excellence: Our Triple Nomination at the Aesthetic Awards 2024

In a celebration of innovation, excellence in medicine and industry improvements we are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for not just one but three awards this year for the Aesthetic Awards 2024.

A short introduction to the Aesthetics Awards:

The Aesthetics Awards, having been established in 2011, are described as the ‘most prestigious and longest-standing awards ceremony in the UK medical aesthetics specialty.’ Once a year they host this dazzling ceremony to bring together likeminded professionals in the Aesthetic medicine industry, from industry leaders and some of the best in their respective fields. 

Being nominated for these awards is not just a fantastic chance to celebrate our efforts from the year, but is also a testament to the continuous efforts and dedication we give to our patients while striving to push the boundaries of aesthetic excellence.

The Aesthetic Awards comprise of twenty-five different categories, designed to showcase the very best in Aesthetic Medicine to include all those who support the industry.

Our categories for nomination are as follows:

Best Clinic Scotland – this award recognises the best clinics in Scotland for 2023. The Galderma Award for Best Clinic for Scotland is chosen according to the commitment to excellence in customer service, patient care and patient safety in-line with customer feedback. All factors we, Clinetix, take into account everyday at Clinetix from front of house to our medical practitioners. 

Rising Star of the Year – we are delighted that our Clinetix Medical Practitioner Dr. Dionysis Seimenis has been nominated for The AlumierMD Award for Rising Star of the Year. This award looks at those who are beginning to make efforts to improve the profession as a whole, alongside their clinical expertise, professional development and commitment to patient safety and care. An award title fitting for someone who is quickly making a name for himself with patients due to his outstanding patient care and passion for the aesthetics industry. Dr. Dionysis began his journey here at Clinetix in 2023, and had trained in General Medicine & Surgery and ENT Surgery alongside his postgraduate studies in Aesthetic medicine. 

Clinic Representative of the Year  – we are thrilled that our own Lead Operations Manager, Kelly Perkins-Dunning, has been nominated for The Allergan Aesthetics Award for Clinic Representative of the Year. This award recognises the contribution that is made to the aesthetics industry, their workplace, and the patients, by the clinic representative. This is an especially valuable award as it recognises those not always seen by patients, who are just as important to the day-to-day running of the clinic. Kelly has been with us since 2014 and has been an invaluable member of the team, having achieved many accomplishments for our growth and development. Kelly truly embodies what it means to demonstrate continuous efforts and adaptability in an ever-changing industry, whilst supporting the whole of the Clinetix Group to strive for excellence  

As we eagerly anticipate the Aesthetic Awards ceremony, we would like to extend our gratitude to those of you that have supported Clinetix over the last year. These award nominations are not simply about induvial recognition, but are a celebration of the collective effort that has propelled us to the level we are now at in the aesthetics industry. We are forever grateful to work within an industry which centres excellence, patient safety and medical advances in the pursuit of patient’s being confident in their skin.

Here’s to the exciting future of Aesthetic medicine!