Discovering the Power of Excel V+ for Skin Rejuvenation

We’ve recently welcomed a new addition to our Clinetix team here at our Grampian Clinic. We understand that providing the best possible treatments and services to our patients not only means attentive customer service, highly skilled and experienced practitioners, and great results, but also refers to the equipment needed to achieve these results.

We have recently acquired the Excel V+ by Cutera, an industry leading laser with design input from leading dermatologists to deliver the highest possible standards and results to patients. Choosing the right equipment is not only important for dramatic, lasting results, but is also essential to patient safety. Meaning when you put your trust in us with your skin concerns, we ensure every part of the treatment process is done to the highest of standards.

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Why Winter Is The Secret Weapon To Aesthetic Treatments

Winter months can often be a time to simply ‘get through’ until the brighter mornings start to appear. However, these long dark months can offer the perfect opportunity to embark on your journey to better skin and overall improved skin confidence.

Most of us understand that winter can be particularly tough on your skin, with harsh winds, colder temperatures and the additional dryness from indoor heating can all cause havoc to your skin’s natural barrier. This can be especially noticeable by those of you with existing skin conditions, such as thread veins and dry skin, who find this time of the year only exacerbates these issues further.

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Innovating and Investing in New Technology

Facial Aesthetics is forever breaking new ground, so it is always exciting to share new technologies being introduced into our clinics so our patients get the very best experience at Clinetix.

We have recently invested in the latest technologies in hand-held ultrasound, 3D photography and 3D facial scanning for better diagnosis, treatment planning and provision. So, what benefits does this bring to our patients? Read Dr Simon’s Blog to find out more…

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How will you age?

Discover how your nose will change with age and what can be done to help!

In this month’s Blog, our Clinical Director, Dr Simon Ravichandran MBChB.MRCS , discusses how the nose area ages and what we can do to slow down the process.

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Get Your Skin Ready for the ‘Resume Boom’

In this month’s Blog, our expert skin therapist, Erin, talks about Advanced Anti-Ageing Skincare from
ZO® Skin Health. The ZO® Skin Health programme is a world-leader in skin care, renowned for using the best active ingredients and superior skin health science to bring optimum results. Read on to find out more…

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