Innovating and Investing in New Technology

Innovating and Investing in New Technology

Facial Aesthetics is forever breaking new ground, so it is always exciting to share new technologies being introduced into our clinics so our patients get the very best experience at Clinetix.

We have recently invested in the latest technologies in hand-held ultrasound, 3D photography and 3D facial scanning for better diagnosis, treatment planning and provision. So, what benefits does this bring to our patients? Read Dr Simon’s Blog to find out more…

Dr Simon says: “At Clinetix we do more than just care for your skin. We understand the ‘appliance of science’ and bring in the very latest innovations to offer better diagnosis, treatment planning and provision to ensure we continue to provide a world-leading Centre of Excellence in Aesthetic Medicine in Scotland. We have always tried to make a visit to Clinetix a special experience and these new technologies are another string to that bow.”

So, how are our patients benefitting from this investment in ground-breaking diagnostic tools?

Hand held ultrasound device
Hand held ultrasound device

Ultrasound Facial Scanning

Clinetix is leading the way in the UK with the routine use of hand-held ultrasound devices with injectable treatments. Using facial ultrasound in this way allows our medical practitioners to see under your skin prior to carrying out any injectable treatments, vastly improving patient safety. It also means:

• your practitioner can create a vascular map of the treatment zone

• your treatment plan is tailored precisely to your unique facial anatomy

• you will get better aesthetic results due to precise filler injection points

• there is less risk of common side effects (e.g., localised swelling and bruising)

• there will be little or no downtime, and

• your risk of having any complications is significantly lowered

VECTRA® H2 and VECTRA® XT Cameras

Planning your treatment journey is made simple with the latest technology in 3D imaging – The VECTRA® H2 and VECTRA® XT 3D Cameras. They deliver precise, high resolution 3D images for your before and after photos to chart your treatment journey at Clinetix. 3D photos taken during your consultation will be used to better understand your unique anatomy and facial structure and, consequently, inform the treatment plan (before treatment) or analyse your results (after treatment). 

VISIA® Facial Analysis

Dr Simon commented: “When we say your skincare journey at Clinetix is tailored for you…we really mean it!…”

The 7th generation VISIA® Facial Analysis system will revolutionise your skincare journey at Clinetix. Our aestheticians use the 3D scanner to assess 8 different skin parameters and reveal your true skin age.  

Much like an OCT retina scanner at the opticians, VISIA® Facial Analysis can detect skin issues, under the skin, before these conditions are actually visible on the surface of your skin. In turn, this early diagnosis makes treating any skin issues easier, quicker and more effective

Your aesthetician can use your VISIA® Facial Analysis to tailor your skincare regime to target any problem areas revealed by your scan. They will also chart your skincare journey with Clinetix, so that, together, you can monitor your progress over the longer term.

VISIA® Facial Analysis is now available at our Clinetix Bothwell and Clinetix Grampian clinics.  So, take the first step today and book in for your, no obligation, Skin Health Consultation.

Whatever the issue, the experts at Clinetix will build a treatment plan around you – tailored to your individual needs. You can be confident in finding a successful treatment outcome as we know that we can visibly improve the quality and health of your skin.

To Find Out More…

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About Dr Simon

Simon Ravichandran MBChB.MRCS is a Key Opinion Leader in Aesthetic Medicine, Specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation with Botox, Dermal Fillers, Thread Lifts, chemical peel, PRP and lasers.  Originally Simon trained as an ear, nose and throat surgeon and worked as a speciality doctor in the Lanarkshire Hospitals Trust until 2016, when he retired from NHS practice to commit himself full time to the development of aesthetic medicine.  

He co-founded the Clinetix Medispa group in 2010 and is the founder and chairman of the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners.  He is an internationally recognised lecturer and educator of aesthetic medicine, known for his enthusiasm and passion when teaching.  He has lectured and demonstrated in North America, South America and throughout Europe and the UK. Dr Simon Ravichandran and his wife Dr Emma Ravichandran run the Aesthetic Training Academy (ATA Glasgow) which runs a series of courses in Aesthetic Medicine for Doctors, Dentists and Nurses to develop their skills and knowledge.

Simon’s passion is innovative non-surgical aesthetic medicine and he has been developing an approach to rejuvenation using combination treatments to achieve outstanding aesthetic results with minimal downtime.

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