Rediscovering Skin Confidence in Your 40s

Rediscovering Skin Confidence in Your 40s

Ageing: It’s a process that brings with it some visible signs on the face that can either show slowly and subtly or arrive unannounced. For many, the quest for lifelong skin health starts in your 20s or 30s with topical treatments as the first line of defence. But if your investment in high quality skincare products and chemical peels aren’t proving as effective as they once were, then Dr Emma’s blog is for you. Read on to find out more…

Dr Emma says:

“In their 40s, patients tend to want stripped back routines, apply daily SPF, go to work and stay looking great. Think of the way we look after our teeth.  Most people visit a dentist once or twice a year, see a dental hygienist a couple of times a year, and brush their teeth twice a day.  If you want your skin to look great, then similar commitment is needed.”

She adds: “At Clinetix we do more than just “care” for your skin. We understand that everyone has different skincare concerns and we know that we can visibly improve the quality and health of anyone’s skin.  We know that, for the most part, people like to come and have a treatment or a facial and leave the clinic with skin that looks fresh and feels amazing.  What we want to do, though, is identify your skincare concerns and personal goals to take you on your own personalised skin journey with us.” 

Whilst medical grade topical skincare will certainly give an improvement, for patients in their 40s, with anti-ageing concerns it is best used in combination with other in-clinic treatments. If your skin health is good you will gain better results from your anti-ageing and facial rejuvenation treatments.

As we get older we accumulate sun damage and environmental damage that can be seen in the skin as pigmentation or uneven texture. We also see a rise in other conditions such as facial redness, rosacea, spider veins. All of these conditions are now eminently treatable and so, our goal is to plan the best treatments for you to rectify any skin health issues as well as tackling your anti-ageing concerns. 

VISIA® Facial Analysis

Clinetix has recently invested in the latest technology in facial diagnostic scanning – the Visia scanner. This scanner can see what the human eye can’t to assess 8 different skin parameters, scanning both superficially and deep down into the sub dermal layer. Just like at the optician’s when getting a retina scan, the Visia scanner can detect issues with sun damage, pigmentation and rosacea under the skin, before these conditions are actually visible on your skin. This diagnostic tool allows us to catch any skin conditions early, to make treating them easier and more effective. It also means that when we say your skincare journey at Clinetix is tailored for you – we really mean it!

Visia Facial Analysis

A detailed skin health consultation and clinical examination help identify your specific skin issues as well as identify which treatments are most suitable for you.  There is a wide range of treatment options at Clinetix but your practitioner will direct you to the most suitable treatments to achieve your skincare anti-ageing goals. Therapist treatments may involve facials, medical grade chemical peels or other treatments such as IPL skin rejuvenation or laser skin treatments, which may be recommended in combination with medical aesthetic treatments for anti-ageing. 

Natural-Looking Aesthetic Rejuvenation

There is also huge scope for botulinum toxin and dermal fillers to be used in combination for non-surgical facelifting. By taking a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation we can, and do, produce better results for our patients. 

Another true rejuvenation treatment that many patients consider is Ultherapy® treatment. This treatment is revolutionary in that it is completely non-invasive, so there’s no downtime. It simply works underneath your skin, and with what you’ve already got, to boost your body’s own production of collagen and elastin. The gradual results look so natural- it is a perfect treatment for  rediscovering your skin confidence in your 40s.

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About Dr Emma

Dr Emma Ravichandran BDS. MFDS, the multi-award-winning aesthetic medicine specialist, is co-founder and Clinical Director of Clinetix and co-founder of the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners (ASAP). Emma initially trained as a paediatric dentist but has dedicated the last 12 years to pursuing excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine. Since its inception in 2009, the Clinetix brand has become established as one of the most ethical, pioneering and patient-focused clinical groups in the world.

Along with her husband, Dr Simon Ravichandran MBChB. MRCS, she also co-founded the Aesthetic Training Academy (ATA) in Glasgow, established to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic training to develop the best practitioners for the future. The ATA is the first and only training academy that is registered with governing body, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), working to improve educational standards and ultimately deliver better quality care across the industry. 

Emma’s reputation and dedication to the highest standards in practice have led to guest lecturing, at venues such as the Royal College of Surgeons, Key Opinion Leader roles and articles in a wide range of publications.

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