The Rise of the ‘Tweakment’

The Rise of the ‘Tweakment’

Dr Emma Ravichandran BDS.MFDS recently spoke to The Lady Magazine regarding the rise of tweakments (non-invasive cosmetic procedures).

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are hugely popular – but are they safe? Wendy Deamer reports.

Cosmetic surgery is big business in the UK – worth an estimated £3 billion a year, according to research. By far the most popular treatments are non-surgical procedures – also known as non-invasive – which account for nine out of ten of all cosmetic processes.

Among the most popular are Anti-wrinkle and filler injections – temporary treatment for the face and body that can last weeks, month or even a couple of years. They are cheaper, safer and more subtle than conventional facelifts – which is why some fans like calling them ‘tweakments’ rather than non-surgical.

But despite their huge rise in popularity, the field remains largely unregulated – virtually anyone can set up an aesthetic clinic, regardless of any medical expertise. So if you have decided to give a tweakment a try, how do you go about choosing a reliable practititioner?

Dr Emma Ravichandran is joing owner of the Clinetix clinic in Glasgow. She recommends you do your homework – and don’t be fooled by glamourous adverts and luxurious clinics. “Try to get recommendation from people who have had treatments – look at the work of the practitoner – not just the clinic,’ she says. Make sure you are given a full consultation and medical questionnaire before you sign on the dotted line; if you have any doubts, don’t do it.”

Anti-wrinkle injections to reduce wrinkles usually costs around £200 – £250 per area treated and will last around three to six months. Fillers used to ‘plump out’ the skin, especially around the mouth and cheeks, cost a bit more but last around six to 18 months, depending on the type of treatment.

The best advice is to use a doctor who is a member of an industry association such as the British Assoication of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). Being a member meas the clinic is regulated – and the practitioner insured. So what tweakment should you have?

Leading skin specialist Dr David Jack says trends are always changing when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

‘Combination treatments are going to be big in 2020, with the jawline a focus of injectable treatments including anti-wrinkle injections and fillers’ he says. ‘The jawline was a previously neglected area when it came to treating the face as a whole.

Kerry, 46, was treated with dermal fillers at the Clinetix clinic by Dr Ravichandran to reposition the tissues of her cheeks and jawline into a natural, more youthful position. The procedures took just minutes, cost £1,200 and should last up to two years.

Kerry says ‘My husband couldn’t believe the difference. He said: “That’s fantastic, it looks really good”. It has given me more confidence.’

The journalist Alice Hart-Davis, 56, is a huge fan of tweakments and has written a book called The Tweakments Guide: Fresher Face. She recently had SVF rejuvenation, where stem cells were taken from her thighs and injected into her face, where they mix with fat cells and regrow, giving a more youthful look.

Doctors are also using the latest 3D imaging and augmented reality technology to let patients see how they will look post-treatment – something experts say heralds a revolution.

At Clinetix, we create bespoke treatment plans to meet our clients goals and improve overall confidence. If you would like to book a consultation to discuss tweakments give us a call on 0141 221 0229 or visit www.clinetix.co.uk/contact/