Clinetix MediLux Facials

Clinetix MediLux Facials

Combining the indulgence of a spa treatment with the results expected from a medical facial!

Clinetix proudly presents the MediLux facial range.

This relaxing blend of massage with medical grade ingredients treats both the skin and the mind. Leaving you fully relaxed and your skin fully rejuvenated.

Clinetix has delivered high class results driven treatments for many years, earning us the highest awards for our service in the world. Now, we want to give our clients an even more indulgent experience.

Entering our facial suite you’ll be greeted by tailored aromatherapy scents to begin the relaxing experience. After a full consultation, you can unwind on our heated beds whilst our exceptionally trained aesthetic therapists tailor make your MediLux facial.

Our facials come in two decadent options – ‘Relax’ and ‘Indulge

Each element is tailored to your skin and your concerns allowing you to fully relax while we treat your skin with the highest grade medical products available.

We begin your facial with a prescription led double cleanse to deeply purify the skin, removing make up and the build up of the day on the skin. 

Removing with hot towels allowing the pores to open, aiding for a deeper cleanse and deeper relaxation.

Next we focus on exfoliation. Choosing the right product for your skin type – either a deep exfoliation of dead skin or a gentle buff for more sensitive skin.

We then move onto your bespoke peel. Selecting from our extensive range of no downtime peels we can tailor your treatment to meet your specific skin concerns. From acne to anti-ageing to dehydration we will focus on leaving your skin smoother and clearer.

Now with deeply cleansed and purified skin, we can apply our chosen masque to the skin. Again, we tailor this to your desired outcomes, assessing the skin and applying a blend of masques to rehydrate and infuse the skin with ingredients such as peptides, Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the list is endless.

Whilst the masque penetrates and works on the skin, melt into a head massage. Deep pressure helps to relieve tension and stress allowing the mind and body to simply relax.

After removing your masque with hot mitts, a tailored serum is then applied and massaged into the skin. 

If you choose our “Indulge” option of this facial we now work on all layers of the skin using the world leading LED light therapy, Dermalux. Harnessing the power of light to stimulate collagen, rehydrate and promote overall skin improvement. Whilst you achieve overall skin health our aestheticians will work on releasing tension over the neck and shoulders. Enhancing your experience ensuring you leave fully rejuvenated, both in mind and body.

Protecting your newly rejuvenated skin is vitally important so your aesthetician will now discuss and choose your perfect SPF to finish.

At Clinetix we are always at the forefront of aesthetic treatments and we aspire to bring the best to our clients at every appointment. Our new MediLux facials bring all you’d expect from Clinetix with a new luxury element.