Aesthetic Medical Training at Clinetix

Aesthetic Medical Training at Clinetix

This weekend we ran another of our small group bespoke aesthetic medical training sessions.  As someone who has been through the training processes involved in becoming a doctor, and then the training involved in specialisation, Dr Simon Ravichandran has some clear ideas on the methodology required to achieve optimum training outcomes.

Aesthetic Medical Training with Dr Simon Ravichandran at Clinetix Training AcademyThe goal of any training is to give the delegate the skills and knowledge to modify or improve their practice, and to give them the inspiration and direction to develop further learning pathways for themselves.  Quite often aesthetic medical training courses are conducted as “pathways of entry” into the field.  Equipping delegates with the bare minimum required to commence a practice in aesthetic medicine.  Thus courses are often overly subscribed, with large numbers of delegates attending to see a days worth of lectures and demonstrations in order to collect a certificate that can be used as a “passport” to practice.

The difference with Clinetix training courses is that Dr’s Simon and Emma Ravichandran are passionate about their speciality, passionate about their patients, and passionate about their teaching.  Our goal is not to produce “competent” practitioners, but to produce inquisitive and inspired practitioners who have the ability to go forward and continue to develop in their chosen field.

Aesthetic Medical Training with Dr Simon Ravichandran at Clinetix Training AcademyIn order to get the best out of training, delegates require to be able to closely observe treatments, and to perform treatments under close observation and supervision.  For this to work well the ratio of instructors to delegates has to be low, ideally less than 3 delegates per instructor.

Last weekend we ran a bespoke training course for two delegates, a Doctor and a Dentist who were both actively practising aesthetic medicine.  The aim was to lift the level from basic line filling and wrinkle chasing to an appreciation of the ageing processes of the face, and the techniques we can use to personalise the treatments to the individual face, rather than provide a list of treatments from a menu.

Aesthetic Medical Training with Dr Simon Ravichandran at Clinetix Training AcademyIt was a great couple of days covering the use of toxins for the muscles in the lower face and neck, and dermal fillers in the mid face, temples and perioral area.  Also the use of new techniques such as using a cannula to treat a lip instead of making a series of injection with  needle with the risk of bruising and swelling.

One of the delegates commented on the lip treatment “Well there’s no going back now I’ve seen that!”

Clinetix Training Academy runs a series of courses in aesthetic medicine from foundation courses to introduce people to the speciality through to masterclass courses to demonstrate the latest and most advanced techniques and technologies.  If you are interested in learning more about aesthetic medical training at Clinetix you can e-mail us at courses@clinetix.co.uk