Illuminating AOX Serum

  • Delivers advanced, all-day environmental protection against oxidative stress
  • Visibly reduces multiples signs of inflammation
  • Supports natural cellular repair to ensure optimum skin health
  • Restores youthful luminosity to dry, dull and mature skin
  • Blurs imperfections with a radiant finish


  • ZOX12®: Exclusive 12-hour time release antioxidant complex (encapsulated vitamins A, C and E) helps protect the skin from free radical damage and prevents future signs of premature ageing. Also helps shield skin from harmful infrared (IR-A) rays.
  • ZO-RRS2®: Exclusive complex of leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss) and marrubium vulgare (white horehound) meristem cell cultures provides powerful antioxidant protection and minimises inflammation to prevent future skin damage.
  • ZPOLY™: Exclusive plant-derived polysaccharide complex of laminaria digitata (brown seaweed) extract, opuntia ficus-indica (prickly pear) stem cell extract, schizophyllan (mushroom) and galactoarabinan (larch tree) minimises visible inflammaging while accelerating extended hydration
  • Micrococcus lysate, arabidopsis thaliana extracts: Specialised enzymes that enhance and shorten natural cellular repair to ensure optimum skin health
  • Micro minerals (titanium oxide, mica, tin dioxide, iron oxides): Provides a subtly pearlescent “soft focus” finish.

Product available to purchase following a Skin Health Consultation. To book your no obligation consultation please call 01698 854 221.


The cutting-edge Illuminating AOX Serum provides advanced antioxidant support and lightweight hydration whilst visibily brightening the skin with a luminous finish.

The concentrated antioxidant serum protects against premature signs of ageing and pollution while visibly brightening the skin with a subtly luminous, soft focus finish.

Skin Types

Combination Skin

Dry Skin

Normal Skin

Oily Skin

Sensitive Skin

Skin Problems



Redness / Sensitivity

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