Acne Chemical Peels

For oily skin, acne, rough texture and superficial pigmentations a course of chemical peels give rejuvenating results. The type of skin peel that is right for you will depend on your concerns and your choices about downtime. Most skin conditions can be treated with superficial peels with little or no downtime and only temporary dryness and flakiness for a few days.

Face and Body Chemical Peels

Most superficial chemical peels are completely painless. A solution is applied to the skin for a set length of time. It is normal for skin to feel warm or hot as the solution is applied, and a little tight for a few days afterwards.

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Acne Chemical Peels


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Deeper skin peels give superior rejuvenation but also greater peeling effects and up to one week of downtime. You may need a numbing cream or anaesthetic injections before application.

If chemical peels are suggested as part of your treatment plan, we will explain all the options and processes, including skin care before and after treatment.

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