ACCUtite is a revolutionary treatment for advanced facial fat contouring and skin tightening, delivering facelifting results without the need to resort to surgery. It delivers a new standard in medical aesthetics, by enabling precision targeting of treatment zones.

It belongs to the same family of technologies as FACEtite™ (also called NECKtite™) but uses a smaller device, designed to target treatment zones with pinpoint accuracy such as the brow line, around the eyes (periorbital area) and nasolabial folds. It uses a minimally invasive technique, combined with radio frequency assisted liposuction to melt fat and tighten collagen fibres within and under the skin. The treatment provides significant and natural-looking, long-lasting results, giving results similar to a surgical facelift but with significantly less risk, downtime and cost.

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Further Description

ACCUtite involves a local anaesthetic. There will be some swelling after the treatment and dressings and/or a compression garment are advised.

The results are progressive and improve with time as the collagen fibres continue to tighten for 12 months after treatment.

Treating the brow area – the fine touch of the ACCUtite device over the brow line can improve the appearance of ageing, tired eyes, revealing a more youthful appearance, without excisional surgery.

Treating nasolabial folds – treating this area (the deep lines that develop with age from the nose to mouth) with the ACCUtite device can provide a longer-lasting alternative to dermal fillers by smoothing lines in this region with pinpoint accuracy.

ACCUtite can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as FACEtiteTM (also called NECKtiteTM) or Dermal Fillers for a full-facial rejuvenation approach.

Treatment from £2000. Please click here for our full pricing structure.

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ACCUtite offers a whole new innovation for treating the upper face to rejuvenate target areas with pinpoint accuracy. Patients who need precision contouring or skin tightening now have a solution which will provide consistent impressive results without the need for a general anaesthetic or the risks and costs associated with surgery. Your result will reveal a more youthful appearance, smoothing and correcting target treatment zones.

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If you are looking for anti-ageing solutions, ACCUtite may be the ideal treatment for you. You can contact us with any specific questions about this treatment, or why not book a free consultation and benefit from the time taken to consider your needs in detail.

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