The Perfect Neck?

The Perfect Neck?

Whilst many people are religious about using sunscreen and anti-ageing products on their face, they often overlook their necks, one of the areas of the body that is first to show the signs of ageing.  Gravity, sun exposure, genetics and natural ageing all have a role to play and if we take care of the skin early on we can really delay the onset but what can we do when we start to notice the skin starting to change?
There are a number of things you should be doing and the first and easiest is to make sure you always always apply sunscreen, probably from about the age 12 and onwards.  For the sake of this blog though let’s just assume you didn’t do that and have noticed some changes and were wondering what we can do.
Essentially it depends on the appearance of the ageing, I’m going to list the various treatment options, from minimally invasive treatments to creams, explain what they do, how they help and what to expect from treatment.  If you decide to come to Clinetix for a consultation we will examine your neck carefully, discuss the various options and decide on a treatment plan that works best for you.


Fractora is a radio-frequency skin-tightening treatment that is used to address fine lines, wrinkles & laxity of the skin of the neck, décolletage & face.
This is also performed using anaesthetic, either in the form of a numbing cream applied to the skin or a combination of cream and injections, depending upon the treatment parameters. The procedure involves placing a probe onto the skin that inserts a number of tiny needles just through the surface, where they then stimulate collagen production and skin remodelling by passing a radiofrequency current through the deeper layers of the skin.  This treatment takes about half an hour to perform and will leave your skin looking red and a little swollen.  After the initial redness settles down you will notice tiny little holes and red marks over the affected area, but these can be covered with makeup and will resolve over a week or so.
The skin rejuvenation process continues for several months after the treatment and you should see a reduction in skin laxity and skin tightening.


Forma is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, this means no needles, no marks on the skin and no downtime!  Even better, whilst Fractora takes weeks and months for the full result to show, Forma gives you an instant lifting of the skin and filling out of the skin.
Forma involves placing a radio frequency probe on the skin that sends energy into the deeper layers, heating up the dermis.  This heat causes the instant result by filling out the dermis and the initial appearance can last a few days to a week.  This makes it a popular treatment to have a day or two before a night out or an event.  The real improvement, however, is caused by the heat, which stimulates collagen production in the dermis.  For a longer lasting result having a treatment once a week for about 8 weeks will gradually build up the collagen in the skin for longer improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin.  Forma can be used on the neck, the décolletage an the face.  The treatments can be from 30 mins to an hour and no anaesthetic is required, all you feel is a pleasant heating sensation from the probe.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are muscle relaxing injections that can be used in the neck to soften vertical bands and reduce the pull on the jawline.  They are used on their own as well as in combination with other treatments for optimal results.  Treatments are painless (at Clinetix we use an invisible needle, the worlds smallest needle for injections) and quick, typically taking about 10 to 15 minutes.  The results take 2 weeks for the full effect and usually last about 4 months.

Topicals (Creams)

If you are lucky enough to have only early signs of ageing in the neck, a few soft wrinkles and mild blemishes then well done! You can improve your skin quality and slow down further ageing by using the same skin care regimen you should be already using on your face, that’s a range of hydroxy acids to soften the upper layers of the skin, a mild retinol to improve skin health, possibly an antioxidant like a vitamin C serum and most importantly a good sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.  Even if your skin ageing is a little more advanced the topical will help improve the appearance and should be used as a minimum, but ideally combined with another treatment.
If you would like to discuss how to get the ‘Perfect Neck’ book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert clinical aestheticians or medical practitioners.