I ♥ Saturdays

Introducing the I ♥ Saturdays package at Clinetix Rejuvenation! The I ♥ Saturdays treatment is a bespoke combination pakckage which is perfect to help your skin recover from the abuse of the week before. It is a four step treatment including:

What are the benefits of the I ♥ Saturdays package?

The I ♥ Saturdays package is great for anti-ageing and improving both oily and dry skin. The collagen drink contains multiple active ingredients. These active ingredients boost your skins natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production to improve your skin from the inside out, instantly boosting energy levels, brightening and clearing your skin. The Medical Peel will rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating dead skin and brightening and tightening the skin. This is followed by a detoxifying Enzyme Lymphatic Drainage to smooth out any excess puffiness in the skin, rejuvenate skin and promote a fresh glow. The relaxing Dermalux LED Tri-Wave Phototherapy treatment will rejuvenate all the layers of the skin and further stimulate all of the previous processes to ensure a greater and longer lasting result.