Serious About Skin and your Skin Care Journey

Serious About Skin and your Skin Care Journey

At Clinetix we do more than just “care” for your skin, we understand that we all have different concerns about our skin care and we know that we can visibly improve the quality and health of anyone’s skin.  We know that for the most part, people like to come and have a treatment or a facial leave the clinic with skin that looks fresh and feels amazing.  What we want to do though, is identify your skincare concerns and set you up for your own personalised skin journey with us.  Whilst a single medical facial will certainly give an improvement in skin quality, pretty much all of us have skin concerns that require a longer-term prescription to ensure we completely get on top of your skin and get it into the best possible condition!

What happens!

As we get older we accumulate sun damage and environmental damage that can be seen in the skin with pigmentation, thicker and rougher areas, redness and spider veins, and spots, milia and acne.  All of these are conditions that require a course of skin care in terms of in-house treatments with our aesthetician team as well as home care products.  Our goal is to set you up on a journey that will result in healthy, glowing, youthful skin.

How we manage your skin

A detailed consultation and clinical examination help identify your specific skin issues as well as identify which treatments are most suitable for you.  We then create a bespoke skincare journey for you that involves the use of in-clinic treatments that are supported by a home care products.  The in-clinic treatments may involve medical grade facials, chemical peels or other treatments such as light-based treatments such as IPL or Laser.

Think of the way we look after our teeth.  Most people visit a dentist once or twice a year, see a dental hygienist a couple of times a year, and brush their teeth twice a day.  If you want to get your skin to it’s best then a similar approach should be taken!

Make an appointment today and get your journey to healthy skin started!

Clients who have started their journey to healthy skin!

This client was prescribed the ZO Fundamental 5 alongside a course of IPL Photorejuvenation treatments.

These results were achieved using a combination of an at-home skincare routine and in clinic medical skin treatments.

We first started this client on the ZO Fundamental 5 products appropriate to her skin needs – Exfoliating Cleanser, Dual Action Scrub, Oil Control Pads, Daily Power Defence and Daily Sheer SPF50 and Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatments every two weeks and medical grade peels every few months.

We later prescribed Melamix, Melamin and Tretinoin to further smooth and brighten skin and improve post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation from acne scars.