Regulation of Aesthetic Medicine in Scotland

Regulation of Aesthetic Medicine in Scotland

Clinetix Clinical Director Dr Simon Ravichandran MBChB.MRCS was recently interviewed by STV News regarding regulation of aesthetic medicine in Scotland and the lack of regulation surrounding non-medics performing aesthetic treatments.

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The Scottish Government is planning to bring in a licensing system for beauticians offering cosmetic injections such as lip or cheek fillers.

You may remember in April 2016, Healthcare Improvement Scotland set out regulations for Independent Clinics offering aesthetic treatments. However, this only covers medical practitioners (Doctors, Dentists and Nurses) performing aesthetic treatments. Beauticians, pharmacists, anyone else for that matter can currently perform aesthetic medical treatments completely unregulated.

At Clinetix we frequently see people who have had treatments performed elsewhere – often from practictioners who don’t have a medical background – that have not had the desired outcome.

“We see issues like lumps, bumps, irregularities, cosmetic outcomes that are less than desirable. Sometimes we see even more serious things like infections and other things that can happen.”

The Scottish Government is planning to introduce a licensing scheme for non-medical practitioners who carry out aesthetic medical treatments. Whilst the Scottish Cosmetic Interventions Expert Group has called for a complete ban of non-medics performing aesthetic treatments the Government is concerned that a blanket ban would be difficult to enforce and could potentially drive unregulated providers underground.

The main issue with non-medics performing aesthetic treatments is should there be complications from treatment, most do not possess the knowledge to manage complications or access to the necessary medication to treat the complications.

So, whilst new regulations are in the discussion stage, here are some steps you can take to ensure you are in safe hands when having aesthetic treatments.

1. Research your practitioner

The most important step before having any medical treatment is to do your research. Many clients often seem to forget that aesthetic treatments are in fact medical treatmetns.

With so many people out there performing aesthetic treatments it has never been more important to research the practitioner who will be performing your treatment. Not only should you make sure they are a registered nurse, doctor or dentist you should also ensure that they have completed training in aesthetic medicine. Look for a practitioner who attends a number of aesthetic conferences and keeps up to date with all the latest in aesthetic medicine. Excellent aesthetic practitioner will often be published in academic journals and magazines such as Aesthetics Journal, Aesthetic Medicine Magazine and PMFA News.

Trained medical practitioners will be able to manage complications. Although complications are uncommon you’ll want to go to a practitioner who is able to treat complications if they do happen to occur.

2. Research your clinic


Prior to treatment you should also research the clinic you are going to. All independent clinics in Scotland must be registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) to perform aesthetic medical treatments. Look out for the HIS Logo and use Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s search tool to check your clinic is registered.

3. Remember, you are under no obligation to undergo treatment.

Remember you are under no obligation to undergo treatment. If at your consultation you don’t feel confident about the practitioner, treatment, cleanliness of the clinic or anything then you do not have any obligation to have the treatment. Most clinics will offer complimentary consultations without same day treatment. That way you can get to know the practitioner, decide if you feel comfortable with them and not feel pressured to go forward with the treatment if you are not completely comfortable.

If you would like to get in touch or have any questions regarding aesthetic medicine please contact us on info@clinetix.co.uk