Regulation of Aesthetic Medicine Clinics in Scotland

Regulation of Aesthetic Medicine Clinics in Scotland

From April, private clinics offering cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and botulinum toxin will have to register with Healthcare Inspection Scotland. Currently there is an increasing number of aesthetic practitioners offering their services in Scotland and with little to no regulation in the aesthetic medical industry many of these practitioners are untrained and do not obtain any qualifications.

Dr. Simon spoke to the Sunday Herald regarding the new regulations that will cover aesthetic medical clinics in Scotland. The implementation of regulations is welcomed by professionals in the aesthetic medical industry. Although regulating practice is a significant step forward to improving patient safety there is a long journey ahead of us before an effective system is in place. The concern is that the introduction of phases of the regulations, will inspect independent clinics (such as Clinetix) who already obtain a degree of regulation through governing bodies prior to inspecting bogus practices and allowing these practices to continue to administer botched treatments.

Although we feel that accreditation of clinics is important and welcome the change, we believe that this is slightly backwards as the majority of malpractice occurs outside of independent clinics. This approach could have a potentially hazardous effect on independent clinics that already attempt to maintain the highest standards whilst bogus practices are able to continue carrying out untrained, dangerous practice in non-clinical environments.

Read Simon’s interview with the Sunday Herald here.

For more information, the full report of the Scottish Governments Scottish Cosmetic Intervention Group can be found here.