Non-Surgical Facelifting at Clinetix

Non-Surgical Facelifting at Clinetix

Dynamic changes in medical aesthetics over recent years now mean that there are lots of treatment options available to create a full facelifting effect without the need to go under the surgeon’s knife.

In this month’s Blog, Dr Simon Ravichandran MBChB MRCS discusses some of the pros and cons of these treatments. Read on to find out more…

Holistic Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

In the past anyone looking for a facelift, would have had no other option but to go down the route of plastic surgery. Naturally, this required careful consideration as there are significant risks associated with any surgical procedure. Not to mention, hefty costs in terms of both monetary and time investment, with significant downtime often being required for post-surgery healing and, in some cases, leaving behind remnants of scar tissue.

These days, however, with major advancements in medical aesthetic products and techniques, we are able to offer our patients a much wider range of options. Treatments can also be budgeted for well in advance, through our detailed treatment planning and our ‘Go Cardless’ system, which allows patients to budget for treatments on their ‘wish list’.

Over the last 10 years we have seen a noticeable shift in our practice, moving away from wrinkle and line filling, to diagnosing facial changes more holistically, taking a rejuvenation approach to the ageing face as a whole. This ties in perfectly with our ethos at Clinetix as we know, from our clinical experience, that taking a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation produces better patient outcomes over the longer term. 

Here, at Clinetix, we can now achieve really natural-looking, dynamic results without our patients having the appearance of having had ‘work done’ and, crucially, without the significant downtime associated with surgical facelifts. 

Non-Surgical (Liquid) Facelifting

Dr Simon says, “We offer a wide variety of options for non-surgical facelifting so that we can offer the best option tailored to the individual concerns and circumstances for each patient. The first step would be to have a one-to-one consultation, where we would assess the patient’s facial anatomy and listen to their concerns before discussing the treatment options available to them and the relative merits and costs involved. This puts our patients at the centre of the decision-making process, giving them time to weigh up all their considerations and make an autonomous decision on the best treatment option for them – backed by doctor-led, expert advice. This is just one of the reasons we place so much importance on the consultation stage, as it helps to get patients thinking about their end goals of increased happiness and self-confidence as the destination and their treatment plan as the journey to get them there.”

Liquid Facelifts
A liquid facelift will last 12-18 months

In expert hands, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin can be used together, in combination, for full facial rejuvenation to create really remarkable results. This approach is often referred to as the “Liquid Facelift”. From the patient’s perspective, it has the added appeal of requiring very little or no downtime and the results being noticeable immediately. By employing a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment planning, using a combination therapy approach, the overall aesthetic result achieved is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Anatomical understanding, skill of the injectors, technology and techniques have developed so much that we can now replace volume and lift in such a way to generate really
natural-looking outcomes, so that you will look your best, but without the appearance of having had ‘work done’.

Thread Facelifts

Thread Lifts will last 12-18 months

Also sometimes known as Silhouette Lifts or PDO Lifts, threads are an advanced procedure designed to go beyond the results we can achieve with dermal fillers, to lift and reposition the skin into a more youthful position. They generate natural-looking results by anchoring your skin and then tightening the threads to lift the soft tissues of the face. It is a minimally invasive (non-surgical) alternative to a surgical facelift with considerably lower risk and significantly less expense and downtime. Thread facelifts have become increasingly popular over the last 5 years, or so. They are suitable for people who have early signs of ageing in terms of skin laxity but are not yet experiencing significant volume loss. So, patients who get the most benefit from the subtle impact of a thread lift range from late 30’s to early 50’s who are starting to notice early signs of ageing (early jowls or sagging skin).

Morpheus8 (Skin Remodelling)

Morpheus8 results will last 12-18 months

This device won the 2021 Aesthetic Award for Product Innovation of the Year and has recently been launched at Clinetix (see website for launch offer).  Morpheus8 came to the attention of widespread media earlier this year, being credited for the success of Judy Murray’s non-surgical facelift (which was achieved in combination with professional topical skincare Obagi Nu-Derm Transformation System). It has since gained in popularity with endorsements from famous celebrities like Amanda Holden, Kim Kardashian and Faye Tozer from Steps. Morpheus8 offers two treatments in one, combining the benefits of microneedling and radiofrequency for skin lifting and tightening. At its most powerful settings it can sculpt or remodel the fat under your skin and, at less deep settings, it will boost collagen to improve your skin texture and reveal a more radiant, youthful complexion. 

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About Dr Simon

Dr Simon Ravichandran MBChB. MRCS, the multi-award-winning aesthetic medicine specialist, is co-founder and Clinical Director of Clinetix and co-founder of the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners (ASAP). Simon initially trained as an ear nose and throat surgeon but has dedicated the last 12 years to pursuing excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine. Since its inception in 2009, the Clinetix brand has become established as one of the most ethical, pioneering and patient-focused clinical groups in the world.

Along with his wife, Dr Emma Ravichandran BDS.MFDS, he also co-founded the Aesthetic Training Academy (ATA) in Glasgow, established to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic training to develop the best practitioners for the future. The ATA is the first and only training academy that is registered with governing body, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), working to improve educational standards and ultimately deliver better quality care across the industry. 

Simon is a Key Opinion Leader in aesthetic medicine. He specialises in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, employing a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. His pioneering approach to facial rejuvenation involves using combination treatments to achieve outstanding, natural-looking, aesthetic results with minimal downtime. He is an internationally renowned lecturer and educator within the field of aesthetic medicine, much sought after for his enthusiasm and passion when teaching. He is also one of the world’s leading experts in the highly specialist field of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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