Monte Carlo Day Two AMWC2017

Monte Carlo Day Two AMWC2017

Yesterday was the first day of the conference programme and as expected AMWC did not disappoint!  Our programme started with a review of the latest evidence and research regarding botulinum toxin injections, how to get the best results from what we are currently doing but also what to expect from the treatments in the future.  Interestingly we now have evidence that the treatments have effects on improving the stimulation of collagen, improving the elasticity and pliability of the skin and reducing the breakdown of collagen. Long term studies have shown not only a reduction in lines and wrinkles but a clear anti ageing effect on the skin itself.  Another significant discussion concerned the development of a new toxin formulation that lasts longer than the current available toxins.

After the toxin session a short break to visit our friends on the exhibition stands then back to the second session that looked at what are considered difficult areas in non surgical aesthetic rejuvenation where we were given a series of lectures and live demonstrations of upper and lower eyelid treatments with dermal fillers.  It was good to see our Glasgow colleague Keiren Bong on stage demonstrating his 2 point lower eyelid rejuvenation technique.

After a lunch in the sun on the beautiful promenade admiring the super yachts (and what I am sure was Dr Evils submarine) we returned to the afternoon session that concerned profileoplasty.  This is a concept that has been developing over the last couple of years and concerns the treatment of the forehead, nose, lips and chin together to create an aesthetically pleasing profile view.

Finished with the conference we took a late afternoon stroll the long way back to our hotel taking in the ports, the museum of oceanography, the Palace and the exotic gardens.  Just time for a quick shower and then it’s out for dinner.

All in all a great day at the conference, much to reflect on and Monte Carlo is, as always, a beautiful picturesque city.

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