MAPPEx 2017

Drs Emma Ravichandran BDS & Simon Ravichandran were Keynote Speakers at MAPPEx in both London and Manchester last month.


Emma and Simon joined a panel of experts within aesthetic medicine including Helena Collier, Dr Kate Goldie and Dr Dalvi Humzah for a number of discussions including the use of ‘Bocouture in Clinical Practice’. 


They also performed multiple live demonstrations together on treating the ‘Mid Face with multi-layer filler injections with Belotero’ and treating the ‘Jawline and Lower Face with Radiesse’.


After performing at MAPPEX in Manchester Drs Simon and Emma Ravichandran were fortunate to sit down with Dr Jürgen Frevert the inventor of BOCOUTURE to find out all about the innovative Botulinum Toxin Type A. Click here to watch our full discussion with Dr Jürgen Frevert.


Both conferences were extremely thought-provoking and it was wonderful to interact with a number of industry colleagues. Speaking directly with Dr Jürgen Frevert has given us an additional insight into Botulinum Toxins. After such a successful conference we are looking forward to the finding out what the rest of the conference season brings. 

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