Anti-Ageing Treatments for Men

Anti-Ageing Treatments for Men

Male Full Face Rejuvenation

At Clinetix, we are experiencing a steady increase in the number of men looking for anti-ageing treatments. We are finding that some men are becoming more open to aesthetic treatments including lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

It is very important to appreciate the differences in male and female facial anatomy to achieve the most natural and attractive results for patients. For example, male patients tend to have flatter and more prominent eyebrows, less pronounced mid-face fat and cheekbone prominences are wider and flatter in the chin and jaw.

In this blog we follow the treatment of a 51 year old male patient who felt he had a sunken appearance and looked tired all the time. This was affecting his confidence and general wellbeing. After a detailed consultation and facial examination Dr Paula Mann BDS.MFDS.MFGDP created a bespoke treatment plan. The patient decided to treat his concerns with an updated skincare regimen, muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers. The treatment was carried out over 3 visits and used a combination of the above treatments to achieve full-facial natural rejuvenation.

We have broke down the clients treatment journey into 3 areas – the Forehead & Brow area, the Midface and Jawline.

Forehead & Brow Area

Botulinum toxin injections were used to lift the brow and reduce lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes.  The client didn’t want to look like he had had any treatment, but wanted to look more refreshed so some static lines on the forehead and fine lines around the eyes remain. A volumising dermal filler was used in the temple region to maintain brow position and reduce hollowing under the eyes.


The mid-face was treated with a volumising dermal filler (Belotero Volume) to replace lost fat and bone. The overall effect is restored proportion and projection, support of the under-eye area and reduction in the nose-mouth folds. Using volumising dermal fillers in the mid-face has naturally rejuvenated this clients appearance.


The jawline was enhanced firstly by projecting the chin forward, followed by straightening and tightening along the length and widening and sharpening of the angle of the jaw. The effect is more masculine with a reduction in the appearance of the superficial fat in the jawline and below the chin.

The patient has maintained a recommended skincare regime for improved tone, quality and reduction of fine lines. The patient is delighted with the results, he has reported a boost to confidence and feels more positive overall.

“I am really pleased at how natural the treatment result has been. It looks like me, however I look much less tired. Now when I look in the mirror I feel more positive and happy” 

Overall, the patient had 2 areas of muscle relaxing injections, 4 syringes of Belotero Volume dermal filler in the temples and cheeks and 2 syringes of Radiesse in the jawline. The total cost of a treatment like this would be £1800 with one of our medical practitioners.

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