Jawline Rejuvenation

Jawline Rejuvenation

There are a number of defining facial characteristics that are associated with youth.  Full cheeks, smooth skin and plump lips being the most obvious.  Another area that we are frequently consulted about is the jawline.  As we age changes in the shape of the lower jaw, combined with loose skin from the mid-face create a blunting of the sharp jawline associated with youth.Jawline Rejuvenation at Clinetix

What can be done to improve my jawline?

Because there are multiple changes that contribute to the change in jawline shape with age, sometimes multiple forms of treatment are required to get the best result.  For early changes, we can often improve the appearance with simple injections of dermal fillers in the correct areas to correct and camouflage, recreating a sharper jawline.  For more moderate changes we may also consider combining dermal fillers in the midface, to lift the facial skin and jowl, as well as Botulinum Toxin injections into specific areas in the neck, to reduce the downwards pull.  For more advanced ageing changes a lower facelift would be recommended to lift and reposition the skin in the area.

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Dr Simon Ravichandran has been practicing aesthetic medicine for 10 years and has taught and demonstrated at many meetings in the UK and abroad his techniques for Jawline Rejuvenation.