Dermal Fillers For Dark Circles Under The Eye?

Dermal Fillers For Dark Circles Under The Eye?

Having dark circles under the eye can be distressing for many people.  They can give the appearance of looking tired, unwell or run down.

What are the dark circles?


In many cases the appearance is caused by shadow, rather than a darkness to the skin itself.  There is a natural anatomical hollow underneath the eye that can sometimes just be a bit more pronounced as a result of your genetics.  It also tends to develop with age and appear more prominent as fat under the skin thins and sags. The problem is the light reflecting on the skin around the area but not of the hollow itself, but not in the hollow itself.  This is sometimes called the tear trough or a tear trough deformity.

Other causes of dark circles such as skin irritation, allergies and pigmentation are not suitable for treatment with dermal fillers but our doctors will be able to identify this at your consultation and advise you as to the best treatment.

So, so long as your dark circles are caused by hollowing under the eye, they can be treated with dermal fillers.

How do dermal fillers in the tear trough work?

Using dermal fillers in this area is part of a “peri-orbital” rejuvenation.  Which means rejuvenation around the eye area.  Firstly the exact cause needs to be identified by a thorough assessment, as there are a few different causes for the hollowness.  Once the correct areas have been identified a dermal filler gel is injected extremely carefully in the right amounts into the right areas.  It is usual for more than one type of filler to be used, as we need to replace volume in different anatomical zones.

After injection there is an immediate plumping and smoothing of the area and reduction in the dark circle appearance.


How many treatments are needed?

The area under the eye is particularly delicate and because of this it is often recommended to have treatment with dermal fillers done over a couple of sessions.  This helps reduce the possibility of complications such as bruising and swelling.

Is it safe?

The area around the eye is delicate and the anatomy is very complex.  Correction with dermal fillers requires the correct amount of the correct sort of filler to be placed very precisely in order to get the best result.  If the filler is injected into the wrong area, or if the wrong sort of filler is used it is possible to see lumps or swellings through the skin, and sometimes you can have bruising or prolonged swelling and fluid retention under the eye.  Because of this it is important that your treatment is performed by someone who has expertise in dermal fillers specifically in this area.


How is the treatment performed?

Once it has been decided that you are suitable for treatment, a thorough examination will show the areas that require to be injected for a natural result and your practitioner will explain the treatment plan.  The treatment does not usually require any anaesthetic as the needles that are used are typically very small and the fillers themselves often have a small amount of anaesthetic within them.  The fillers can be placed using a few different techniques.  Tiny needles can be used that allow precise placement of dermal filler in specific areas, and cannula can be used to spread fillers out more evenly in other tissue planes.  Often a combination of techniques will get the best results.

There is no downtime and you can leave the clinic shortly after the treatment and carry on with your normal activities.

What happens after treatment?

There may be a small amount of bruising or swelling. If this occurs it will usually settle down in a few days.  Your practitioner will be able give you individual advice on what you can do to help minimise any bruising or swelling following dermal filler treatments.

Clinetix arrange a two week follow up appointment following treatment to assess the improvement and make sure there are no complications.  It is important that you keep this appointment as it allows us to keep track of your treatments and your response to treatments.

I would like to know more or book a consultation.

If you are concerned about the appearance of dark circles and would like a consultation with one of our medical team to discuss your treatment options please feel free to get in touch.

You can book a consultation with any of our team by calling the Hyndland Clinic on 01412210229 or the Bothwell Clinic on 01698854221.  Alternatively you can contact us here on our contact page.