Aesthetic Awards 2018

It was an award winning weekend as Drs Emma & Simon Ravichandran travelled to London for the renowned Aesthetic Awards at the Park Plaza in Westminster.

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The Nominees Are…

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for 5 awards categories at the prestigious Aesthetic Awards 2018. As we continue to grow, develop and push for higher standards of care in the aesthetic medical speciality, it is an honour to be recognised for our achievements.

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The Clinetix Philosophy towards Patient Care

There is still a large misconception about what a medical aesthetic or “cosmetic” clinic actually does.  We believe that largely due to media mis-representation and celebrity fads people can see clinics like ours in many different ways.  One view is that we make a living by making young women and men look false, exploiting the unrealistic expectations of beauty and attractiveness and peoples insecurities to pump lip and cheek fillers into vain 20 and 30 somethings so they can look closer to the photoshopped images they see in the glossy magazines. 

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Talking To: Kelly Perkins-Dunning – Aesthetic Medicine Publication

Clinetix Clinical Manager Kelly Perkins-Dunning was featured in this month’s Aesthetic Medicine Magazine to discuss her career growth in aesthetic medicine.

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Who Should I See at Clinetix?

With a vast number of treatments available at Clinetix, it can often be difficult to know who you should see if you are interested in specific treatments.

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Clinetix Bothwell
20 Hamilton Road, G71 8NA
01698 854 221

Clinetix Glasgow West
169 Hyndland Road Glasgow, G12 9HT
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Clinetix Glasgow City – Temporarily Closed
6th Floor, 14 Mitchell Lane, G1 3NU
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Clinetix Grampian
First Floor, 1 High St, Inverurie AB51 3QA
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