Be You: Meet Kerry

Be You: Meet Kerry

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At Clinetix we want to help you be the best version of yourself. No two people are the same. That’s why we design bespoke treatment plans and skincare regimes for each and every client that walks through the Clinetix doors. We sat down with one of our real clients Kerry to discuss the treatments she has had and why.

“Hi I’m Kerry and I am 46 years old”

What treatments have you had previously?

“I started having aesthetic treatments just over 10 years ago when I was around 35. I started by having wrinkle relaxing treatments and dermal filler treatments to freshen my appearance. I also have microbladed eyebrows, threads in the jawline and neckline and most recently I have had 2 rounds of Profhilo around a month apart. Even after just my first Profhilo treatment, I noticed that my skin was a lot plumper and significantly tighter.

In order to keep my skin looking bright and fresh, I have a mandelic peel every six weeks. My skin can be quite sensitive to more advanced peels and retinols so when my clinical aesthetician designed my treatment plan we decided that having mandelic peels at regular intervals would be the best to keep my skin looking fresh. If I have an event I tend to opt for the Red Autograph & Dermalux as there is no downtime with this peel and it instantly brightens and tightens my skin.”

Why did you start having aesthetic treatments?

“I used to work as cabin crew and working late nights made me look tired and run down, so I started having aesthetic treatments to make me look a bit brighter and fresher. Now I spend my days running after my triplets so I like to have aesthetic treatments to keep me looking fresh.”

Why did you start coming to Clinetix?

“I originally came to Clinetix because I was recommended by a few friends and I’ve not left since! I first came to Clinetix for wrinkle relaxing injections but once I was here I decided to speak to the aestheticians about my skin issues. Before I came to Clinetix and started taking care of my skin properly I had oily skin and was prone to frequent breakouts. I also suffered from uneven skin tone and texture and had acne scarring, especially on my forehead. She analysed my skin and recommended a treatment plan and skincare regime to follow. I originally started on the ZO Skinhealth fundamental 5 programme and had a number of chemical peels to improve acne scarring and remove excess oil. As time has gone on my skin concerns have changed so I frequently have consultations with the clinical aestheticians to discuss my skin and update my skin programme.”

Are there any treatments you haven’t had that you would like to try?

“I would like to try the new M22 ResurFX laser treatment to improve my skin texture and also IPL to get rid of a few small thread veins around my nose”.

What is the favourite treatment you have had?

“The favourite treatment I’ve had would have to be between having dermal fillers in my cheeks or having a thread lift. If I had to choose the thread lift was probably my favourite because it gave me definition on my jawline and neckline that I never had before. I’ve never had strong definition on that area so I felt a significant improvement from the thread lift!”

What is your current skin routine?


“My morning routine starts with cleansing my skin with ZO Skinhealth Exfoliating Cleanser. I massage this into my skin until the small beads have disappeared, exfoliating and removing dead skin cells to help unclog pores. Twice a week I will follow this with ZO Skinhealth Exfoliating Polish. The ultra-fine crystals instantly polish my skin to restore a smoother texture and healthy glow whilst remaining gentle on my skin. After this, I use ZO Cebatrol Oil Control pads, which as the name suggests, keeps oil under control by removing oil and dirt from my pores. These little gems help prevent breakouts and keep my skin looking smooth and feeling fresh. Following the Cebatrol pads, I use ZO Daily Power Defence, a light-weight lotion that tightens and firms the skin whilst preventing ageing. My skin can be quite sensitive to retinol (one of the key ingredients in Daily Power Defence) so I only use it every other day. On the other days, I use ZO Skinhealth Brightalive, to brighten my skin tone and improve sun damage without any retinol. The final step in my morning routine is to use IMAGE Skincare Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30. Preventing any future damage is the key to keeping my skin fresh and glowing and the IMAGE Tinted SPF also works as a great primer before my makeup.”


“My evening routine is a lot less extensive than my morning routine. In the evening I cleanse my skin again with ZO Skinhealth Exfoliating Cleanser then follow up with Cebatrol Oil Control Pads. Three times a week I also use ZO Growth Factor Serum, this is probably my favourite product for keeping my skin looking fabulous. Growth Factor has not only reduced my fine lines but it has also significantly strengthened my skin and makes it feel much more hydrated. As a mum of 2-year-old triplets, I’m always after a product that keeps me from looking tired and run down.”

How has having aesthetic treatments made you feel?

“Having aesthetic treatments has made me feel good, look a lot younger and most importantly I feel a lot more confident with how I look for my age. I used to have bad skin which was covered in acne and acne scars but now my skin is probably the best it has ever been. I never thought that I would be able to feel confident in my own skin without having to wear makeup.”

Photographs by Kris Kesiak

Makeup by Carly Gray MUA