Be You: Meet Janice

Be You: Meet Janice

Be You, Be Glamourous, Be Clinetix.

At Clinetix we are passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself. That’s why we design tailor-made treatment plans and skincare regimes for each individual client. We sat down with Clinetix client Janice to discuss her journey to beautiful skin.

“Hi my name is Janice and I am 66 years old.”

When did you start having aesthetic treatments?

“I started having aesthetic treatments around 6 years ago as I was after a more youthful look. I just felt as if my skin needed a bit of rejuvenation and plumped up a wee bit in certain areas. I like to travel and go on holiday and although I take care of my skin when I am in the sun I just felt that my skin looked a bit dull and needed to be freshened up. In my spare time, I like to do Pilates to keep fit and keeping my skin healthy is just as important!”

What treatments have you had?

“To date, I have had anti-wrinkle injections in my forehead and Dermal Fillers for my marionette lines. I have also had my eyebrows microbladed and some chemical peels, most recently I have had the Perfection Lift chemical peel. I really like this peel as it has made my skin tone a lot more even and in general, my skin looks a lot healthier.”

Are there any treatments that you haven’t had that you would like to try?

“I really want to try the M22 Resurfx treatment to help improve the fine lines around my mouth. Unfortunately, I can’t try it until the New Year after I’ve been back from my holiday for 6 weeks but I’m really looking forward to trying it and seeing the results! I frequently go for lunches and like to socialise and one of the best things about having aesthetic treatments at Clinetix is that my friends can rarely tell that I have had treatments. They usually tell me that I look refreshed or that my skin is glowing but can’t tell that I have had any treatments.”

Why did you come to Clinetix?

“I actually came to Clinetix to have my eyebrows microbladed and I had really researched it because I didn’t want just anybody to perform the treatment. So that was the reason I came to Clinetix in the first place. Once I was here and I saw the way things worked I would just never dream of going anywhere else. After I was introduced to Emma and the team and I saw the dedication that they have to get real results for their clients and their knowledge about skin I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Photographs by Kris Kesiak

Makeup by Carly Gray MUA