Be You: Meet Gillian

Be You: Meet Gillian

Be You, Be Confident, Be Clinetix.

At Clinetix we want to help you be the best version of yourself. No two people are the same. That’s why we design bespoke treatment plans and skincare regimes for each and every client that walks through the Clinetix doors. We sat down with one of our real clients Gillian to discuss what treatments she has had and why.

“Hi I’m Gillian and I am 46 years old.”

When did you start having aesthetic treatments?

“I started having aesthetic treatments when I was 38 or 39 because I wanted to improve my overall appearance. I felt that I was ageing prematurely, as my friends in the same age group didn’t have any lines or wrinkles. My skin and overall appearance was ageing prematurely due to having kids and not wearing SPF. My love for sunny holidays and skiing trips led to my skin ageing prematurely making it look a bit dull and my skin tone looking uneven I wanted to take action before my skin started to age badly.”

What treatments have you had?

“Most recently I have had dermal fillers in my tear troughs to improve the dark circles under my eyes. I have also had a couple of Profhilo treatments which has significantly lifted and tightened my skin. Previously, I have also had a thread lift which notably tightened loose, saggy skin in my lower face. To keep my skin looking fresh and rejuvenated I frequently have wrinkle relaxing injections on my forehead around every 6 months. I also have glycolic and pyruvic chemical peels every few months to fade any fine lines and smooth my skin tone”.

Why did you come to Clinetix?

“I initially chose Clinetix because it was recommended by a friend and I knew it had a great reputation as a welcoming, respected clinic. Since then I have never left, going on to work as a receptionist in the Bothwell clinic! In my spare time, I love to socialise, go shopping and go to the gym so maintaining my appearance is important to me.  “.

Are there any treatments you haven’t had that you would like to try?

“I tend to be the first in line to try any new treatments that are suitable so there are not many treatments I haven’t tried! I have previously had a small amount of lip filler but I would like a bit more”.

What is the favourite treatment that you have had?

“My favourite treatment has to be the thread lift. Loose sagging skin in my lower face was a concern for me and no amount of wrinkle relaxing injections or dermal fillers would have treated the area so I definitely have to say that threads were my favourite treatment. I had the thread lift over a year ago and I’m still amazed by how much it has tightened and lifted my skin”.

What is your typical skincare routine?

“I use ZO Skin Health fundamental 5 products to keep my skin clear, smooth and glowing. The main products you’ll find in my skincare regime are ZO Skin Health Oilacleanse, Exfoliating Polish, Cebatrol Oil Control Pads, Daily Power Defense and Smart Tone SPF. I also add a few stronger retinol products into my skincare routine a couple of times a week.”

How has having aesthetic treatments made you feel?

“I’m definitely more confident since I started having aesthetic treatments. I would never have thought my skin would be as good as it is now. I never used to have great skin and I used to just accept that I would have always have acne scars. But now I feel so confident in my own skin that I don’t feel like I need to wear makeup every day.”

Photographs by Kris Kesiak

Makeup by Carly Gray MUA