Be You: Meet Cassi

Be You: Meet Cassi

Be You, Be Radiant, Be Clinetix

At Clinetix we want to help you be the best version of yourself. No two people are the same. That’s why we design bespoke treatment plans and skincare regimes for each and every client that walks through the Clinetix doors. We sat down with one of our real clients Cassi to discuss what treatments she has had and why.
“Hey, I’m Cassi and I’m 30 years old”.

When did you start having aesthetic treatments?

 “I started having aesthetic treatments in 2015 because I was looking for more volume in my lips. When I hit 30 I wanted some more volume and definition in my cheeks so I had dermal fillers in my cheeks.

What treatments have you had?

“I have had dermal fillers in my lips and cheeks and also have had wrinkle relaxing injections in my forehead to lift my brows. My favourite treatment I have had is definitely lip fillers”.

Why did you come to Clinetix?

“Originally I came to Clinetix because I was recommended by friends but now I am friends with the owners I always come back to Clinetix for my treatments”.

Are there any treatments you haven’t had that you would like to try?

“There are no other treatments that I am currently interested in having but I am always open to advice and recommendations when I come in to Clinetix”.

What is your typical skincare routine?

 “Working at Clyde 1 keeps me busy so I like to keep my skincare routine pretty simple. I cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise my skin. My favourite skincare product is ZO Skinhealth Exfoliating Polish because it gets rid of any dead skin cells and keeps my skin looking smooth and fresh.”
Photographs by Kris Kesiak
Makeup by Carly Gray MUA