Monte Carlo AMWC2017 Preconference Aesthetic Medicine Masterclass

Monte Carlo AMWC2017 Preconference Aesthetic Medicine Masterclass

Today’s Masterclass – Monte Carlo AMWC2017 Pre-conference Aesthetic Medicine Masterclass

17760801_10154354744216657_5860722388552772095_oAfter our day in Nice Emma and I took the early (really early) train to Monte Carlo for the pre-conference aesthetics masterclass “The perfect 10”.  The masterclass was designed around the concept of 10 different facial zones to consider in aesthetic rejuvenation and 10 criteria to consider for each zone.  All in all 100 things to think about for each patient consultation!

The great thing about courses like this is not just to hear the academic presentations but also the live demonstrating that goes on to compliment and validate the presentations.  Once you get beyond a certain point in your training there is not any substitute for observing treatments performed by those considered experts to see if there is anything we would do differently back in our own practice.

Whilst not much has changed, which is good because it means we are still doing things properly, it is worth noting that there has been more focus on developing forehead and temple rejuvenation treatments with toxins and dermal fillers than in previous years.  This is quite exciting for us as we consider forehead rejuvenation as one of the current frontiers in aesthetic medicine.  It’s not so much that we have figured out new ways of doing things so can offer more treatments, but it is that we consider the face as a whole, and rejuvenation of one area should always be sympathetic with adjacent areas.  A true rejuvenation treatment involves consideration of all 10 zones as we treat faces and patients, not lines and wrinkles!

The conference is going to close shortly with Steven Dayan giving a practical lecture on how to deal with celebrity clients and then we have a meeting about some new technology we will be bringing to the UK soon.  Then back to Nice for, presumably, more cheese and wine.