Special Offers

ZO Red Autograph & Dermalux for only £55

Available exclusively at Clinetix the ZO Red Autograph is a fruit acid peel designed to improve numerous concerns including hyper-pigmentation, skin texture, pore size as well as fight signs of premature ageing. Ideal for all skin types the ZO Red Autograph will gently exfoliate and stimulate your skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. The Dermalux LED Phototherapy treatment will then enhance the effects of your facial and further rejuvenate your skin.

Brighten and refine your skin with a ZO Red Autograph treatment and Dermalux LED Phototherapy for only £55




Clinetix Acne Clearing Treatment for £85

Take the first step towards clear skin with the Clinetix Acne Clearing Treatment.

The revolutionary treatment combines a Salicylic acid peel with a ZO Sulphur Mask and blue light Dermalux Phototherapy. The Clinetix Acne Clearing Treatment is designed to deeply cleanse the skin and follicles of dirt, debris and oil to reduce breakout and clogged pores whilst effectively reducing inflammation.

The Clinetix Acne Clearing treatment is on special offer of £85 until the end of October.


Clinetix Anti-Ageing Treatment for £95

Reveal youthful and radiant skin with a Clinetix Anti-Ageing Treatment for £95. The innovative combination treatment is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production to plump and hydrate skin. Following your treatment, you will receive a Brightening Sheet Masque to use at home 3-5 day later to boost results and hydrate skin.

The Clinetix Anti-Ageing Treatment is on special offer of £95 for a limited time.



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