About Us

Emma and Simon started the Clinetix group in 2006 whilst still working as a Dentist and a Doctor in the NHS.  They quickly gained a reputation for skilled technique and good advice.  After spending 5 years in practice and training at expert courses and seminars they opened their flagship clinic and aesthetic training academy at Sandyford Place in 2011.  Now Clinetix runs two clinics, one in the West End of Glasgow and one in the Lanarkshire village of Bothwell.  Clinetix has won a number of awards for excellence including the Best Clinic UK and the Best Clinic Scotland.  Dr Emma has been presented with the Best Cosmetic Dentist UK award and Dr Simon was shortlisted for the Best Aesthetic Doctor UK.  Clinetix is a recognised training centre for the postgraduate aesthetic medicine course based at Northumbria University

  Clinetix is a well recognised establishment in both sites and are known for providing high quality advice and services in a relaxing environment.  We bring together top quality medical skin care services in a relaxing and calm environment.  If you haven’t visited us yet, we look forward to seeing you!